micro lab safety guidlines

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General guidelines

1.)Wear app. clothing and closed shoes.

2.) Place all personal belongings in designated area.

3.)Do not eat ,drink,smoke or apply make-up in lab.

4.)Report any injuries or accidents to instructor immediately.any broken glass should be disposed of properly.

5.)Bunsen Burner,always be aware of flame, tie back long hair,do not lean over the flame,turn off when not in use.

6.)at end of lab, put away all equipment in proper place .

7.)wipe down table with disinfectant (alcohol).

8.)last thing..... wash your hands before you leave.


Biosafety levels: 1&2 for biology 2117L

Do not cause disease in healthy adults;generally do not pose a threat..

-Bacillus cereus

-Enterobacter aerogenes

-Enterococcus durans

-Eschericha coli

-Micrococcus luteus

-Serratia marcescens

-Staphylococcus epidermis

-streptococcus salivarius


Biosafety level 2

Can cause disease in healthy humans;pose a moderate risk to humans..

-Klebsiella pneumonia

-Proteus hauseri

-Salmonella enteritidis

-Shigella sonnei

-Staphylcoccus aureus

-Streptococcus pyogenes


Biosafety level 3 and 4

Can cause disease in healthy humans, pose HIGH risk to disease to humans.

Biol 2117L does not use these agents


Guidelines of working in BSL #1 bacteria

1.) Do not put anything into your mouth,(pen,pencil or anything.)

Keep hands away from mouth, eyes, nose ,ears. when working with live cultures.

2.)be careful with any cuts on hands or fingers, put bandaid on or glove.

3.)Always sterilize inoculating loop before putting it down.

4.)Use test tube racks to hold tubes with live cultures, do not stand them up or lay them down on bench tops.

5.)If a spill occurs with live culture ,place a paper towel over spill and pour disinfectant over paper towel and call instructer.

6.)all old and used culture tubes are to be disposed in biohazard containers, they must be autoclaved before being disposed of,all other materials that were in contact with any bacteria should be disposed of in biohazard container also(gloves, papertowels, etc.) Not in reg. Trash