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Constipation, Nausea & Vomiting, Sedation, Respiratory Depression, Pruritis and Urinary Retention are common side effects of what medications.

What are Opiods?


Increased pulse rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure along with diaphoresis, and dilated pupils.

What are manifestations of acute pain?


Normal vital signs, dry warm skin and normal or dilated pupils.

What are manifestations associated with chronic pain?


These include immobilization, cold within 24 hours of injury, heat after 48 hours, distraction like music and television, acupressure, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), and massage.

What are non pharmacologic pain interventions?


This is a subjective experience, with the intensity and duration of it varying among individuals.

What is pain?


Better health equates to better sleep, medical conditions, medications taken, multiple awakenings overnight, nocturia, pain from arthritis, depression and a loss of a life partner are manifestations of this.

What is older adult sleep disturbances?


Alcohol, amphetamines, antudepressants, beta-blockers, bronchodialators, caffeine, decongestants, narcotics and steroids effect this.

What is disruption of REM sleep, delay of onset of sleep and decrease in sleep time?


Closing window curtains, reducing overhead lights, using a flashlight to check drainage bags or iv's, closing patient's room door, keep staff conversations at a low level, wearing rubber soled shoes will do this.

What is create a restful environment for the patient?


A behavior that may interfere with sleep and may even occur with sleep is referred to as this.

What is a parasomnia?


This nursing diagnosis is defined as "time-limited interruptions of sleep amount and quality due to external factors. Outcomes include verbalize plan to implement sleep promotion techniques, maintain regular schedule of sleep and waking, fall asleep without difficulty, remain asleep throughout the night, and awaken naturally feeling refreshed and is not fatigued during the day.

What is Disturbed Sleep Pattern?


Correct prescription eyeglasses, adequate room lighting, sunglasses to reduce glare, contrasting colors in environment, magnufying glass, large numbers on phone, clock or wristwatch, color coded or texture code on stove, washer, medicine container etc., colored or raised rims on dishes are these.

What sensory aids for visual deficits?


Encouraging a client to wear a hearing aid or glasses, addressing the client by name and using touch, providing a telephone, TV, clock or calender, allow resident to have a pet, encourage social interaction with family and friends, encourage use of crosswords puzzles or games to stimulate mental function are all this.

What is ways to reduce or prevent sensory deprivation?


Minimizing unnecessary light, noise and distraction, controlling pain, private room, limit visitors, plan care to allow for uninterrupted sleep, speak in a low tone, take time to talk to resident are tactics used to prevent this.

What is Sensory Overload?


Acute change in mental status, sudden onset, temporary, lasting hours to days, sleep disturbed, confused and disorientated at night, may have hallucinations are manifestations of this.

What is Delirium?


memory impairment, slow onset, chronic and irreversible, disturbed sleep cycle, normal alertness, impaired judgement, delusions, usually no hallucinations are manifestations of this.

What is Demetia?


A client with impaired vision needs the nurse to do the following.......

What is orient client to room and maintain an uncluttered environment, keep pathways clear, organize self care articles within client's reach, keep call light within client's reach and assist with ambulation?


This is a type of massage that consists of long, slow strokes that can enhance client comfort, relaxation and sleep

What is Effleurage?


During sleep, five or more breathing pauses lasting longer than 10 seconds per hour can be categorized as this.

What is sleep apnea?


This occurs when a person receives decreased sensory input or monotonous or meaningless sensory input.

What is sensory deprivation?


A medication that produces an effect in patients resulting from its intent not from its chemical properties.

What is a Placebo?


Teaching a client to use a PCA would include operation of the pump and these.

What is describing use of the pain scale, exploring a variety of nonpharmacological methods of pain relief, explaining to clietn to call for any type of ambulation (bathroom), and explain client can safely push button without fear fear of overmedicating?


A chemical interruption of a nerve pathway, effected by injecting a local anesthetic into a nerve.

What is a Nerve Block?


Clients who have pain, are acutely ill and are admitted to an acute care facility, are being monitored in an ICU, or have decreased cognitive ability (from a head injury for example), are at risk for this.

What is sensory overload?


This happens about every 90 minutes and is often associated with dreaming. It is essential for psychosicial as well as mental equilibrium.

What is REM sleep?


People that are homebound or institutionalized, on bed rest or in isolation, have sensory impairments, come from a different culture, have nervous system disturbances and on certain medications for the central nervoous system can be at risk for this.

What is Sensory Deprivation?