Jeopardy Exam 1

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What color ink should you use? why?

Black, because it shows best on photocopy


"appears" or "seems" is correct terminology?

False, "appears" or "seems" are your personal judgment, instead you should indicate the vital signs. Example is, blood pressure is 126/76 and it is within normal range


You teach a patient about there you need to chart it? why?

Yes, because if you did not chart it, you did not do it.


Correct this:
"Patient looks good"

"Patient looks good" are your personal opinion, instead you should take vital signs and indicate "Patients blood pressure is 126/76 and it is within normal range."


What should you do if you make an error?

Put a line through it and initial it. (do not write error, do not use white out, and do not erase it) follow your policy. some writes mistaken entry


What does "SN" stand for?

Student Nurse
License Vocational Nurse, License Practical Nurse, Nursing Assistant, Nursing Student, Personal Care Giver, Unlicense Assistive Personnel


You see an order for .250 u. What's wrong with this?

correction should be 0.25 units


Tell me an acceptable abbreviation
NPO, ac, ADL, bid, BM, BP, CBC, c/o, Dc. pc, po, prn, qid, stat, tid, TO, VO, TPR, VS

nothing by mouth, before meals, activities of daily living, 2x/day, bowel movement, blood pressure, complete blood count, complains of, discontinue, after meals, by mouth, when necessary, 4x/day, immediately, 3x/day, telephone order, verbal orders, temperature, pulse, respiratory, vital signs


"if I were you, I..." is an example of ?
"two years old are brats"

giving common advice


How can a nurse "offer self?"

by saying "ill stay with you until your daughter arrives"
"we cant sit here quietly for a while, we dont need to talk unless you would like to"


Name a nonverbal posture that says you are listening?

Lean forward, Nod head, use touch, have eye contact, face the person, be in proper proxemic


Give an example of incongruency

An example is when teaching a client how to care for a colostomy, the nurse might say, "You won't have any problem with this" However, if the nurse looks worried or disgusted.


"Intimate" personal space is defined as ___ feet.

Touching to 1 1/2 feet
1 1/2 to 4 feet
4-12 feet
12-15 feet


Explain intimate, personal, social, and public space

Nurses frequently use INTIMATE distance, example holding babies, positioning clients, injections, etc.. Communication b/w nurses and client occurs at PERSONAL distance, example hand shake, giving meds and iv infusion, SOCIAL distance allows more activities to move back and forth, example, when nurses wave at patient, and PUBLIC distance require loud communication


The nurse is sitting on the pt's bed.

This is an example of territoriality. patients in the hospital often consider there territory to be anything from there side of the wall to around the curtains or the whole room if the room is not shared.


Name the phases of a helping relationship. p476 know for exam!

Preinteraction Phase (nurse reviews assessment datas)
Introductory Phase (both introduce each other)
Working Phase (develop trust)
Termination Phase (end of relationship)


What does ISBAR stand for?

ISBAR is a telephone communication tool that stands for
Introduction-Hello is Dr.Xyz available?
Situation-state your name, unit, client name, and prob
Background-state client admission diagnosis/date
Assessment-vital signs, pain scale, changes from prior?
Recommendation-State what you would you like to see done


Give an example of ISBAR

6/611 1035 Messina, Laboratory Technician, respond by Telephone that Mrs. Sara Ame's hematocrit is 39%.
(put a line through and sign)--------------ß.εve RN


What are some laws that affect nurses?

Most important one is Nurse Practice Act
Other are Good Samaritan Act, Civil laws are Negligence/malpractice, Libel, Slander, Assault and Battery


Where can you find the (state) nurse practice act?

State Board Website


What is the nurse practice act?

An act to protect the public, regulate nurses, and describe the role of a nurse.


LPN vs RN is there a difference?

RN make nursing judgments, assessment, and evaluation of clients
LPN works under the supervision of the RN and provide basic technical/direct care to client


Give an example of a nurse acting as a change agent
p. 17

Change Agent assist clients to make changes/modification in there behavior. Change Agents have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, are skilled in teaching, have a broad base of knowledge and have a good sense of timing


Name Government programs that provide health care

Medicare are for 65 years+
Medicaid (T19) aid for lower income
SSI for the disable and blind
WIC for women, infants, and childrens to promote nutritions


How is nursing an art?

Not everyone can perfect and perform nursing duties. Like art, it takes time, practice, patients, and cultural diversity to appreciate nursing.


How is nursing a science? pg 13 kozier

Like science, nursing was built on knowledge, clinical decision making, and critical thinking


Describe the legal responsibilities of student nurses?

They are held to the same standard as a compentant and prudent nurse


Describe "culturally responsive" care p321

Having the knowledge and respecting various world views, understand family patterns, to provide proper care to a client.

Acquiring all awareness, attitude, and skills to care for a diverse population.


Give an example of assimilation

Assimilation is described as changes of ones cultural pattern to those of the host or dominant culture.


Give an example of acculturation

Acculturations occur when people incorporate traits from another culture into theirs. The non-dominant culture are often forced to adopt the new culture in order to survive.


Name a guidelines for using medical interpreters

Avoid asking family member, child, and spouse. use same gender as client to avoid embarrassment, address question to the client-not the interpreter, speak slow and distinctly, be aware of the expression, chose someone who is politically or socially compatible with the client. Just because they speak the same language do not mean they understand each other culturally.


Time Orientation: Give an example

refers to an individuals focus of the past, present, or future. Most culture includes all three, others may have a different concept. Example, instead of telling a client to take meds every day at 10 AM, the nurse might tell them to take it before breakfast, or after they get out of bed.


How can you convey cultural sensitivity? p327 kozier

Do a cultural assessment, observe what non verbal communication behavior does the client exhibits. This includes proximic, touching, eye contacts, interaction, etc... and how the client reacts to the nurse when he moves closer. You can also apply LEARN or the 4 C


What are LEARN?

LEARN is a quick assessment tool in creating a plan of care for culturally responsive clients. It stands for
Listen empathy to the clients perception of the problem
Explain what you think you heard for clarification
Acknowledge the important of what is said
Recommend inclusive strategies
Negotiate the plan of care by collaborating with the client and others


What are the 4C's?

The 4C's is a quick assessment tool in creating a plan of care for culturally responsive clients. It stands for
1. What do you CALL your problem
2. what do you think CAUSED your problem
3. How do you COPE with your condition
4. What are your CONCERNS?


Describe a nutritional pattern that a culture group might use

Some Roman Catholics avoid meat on certain days, such as Ash Wednesday and Good friday. Some Protestant faiths prohibit meat, tea, coffee, or alcohol. Both Orthodox Judaism and Islam prohibits the ingestion of Pork or Pork (by)Product. Orthodox Jews observe kosher customs, eating certain food.


What is formal communication/formal nursing care plan?

Planned, written or computerized guide that organizes information about the clients care. The benefit of it is that it provides for continuity care


What is informal communication/informal nursing care plan?

Not planned, a strategy for action that exist in the nurses mind


What is social communication?

Everyday conversation


What are the 4 phases of Helping Relationship?

Preinteraction phase-pre planning stage
Introduction Phase
Working Phase
Termination Phase