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1.What is included in the nurse's role in the development of new and investigational drugs?

Monitoring for and reporting any adverse effects noted during Phase IV studies Correct

Phase IV studies rely on the health care professionals to report adverse effects that may not have been apparent in previous phases of drug development. The nurse does not select clients to participate in studies. If he or she is not the investigator, the nurse does not control who is to receive placebo drugs or inform clients of the specific drug they are receiving during the double-blind, placebo-controlled phase of the study.
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2.Which action is the nurse's ethical responsibility?

To transfer care of a client to another professional nurse if caring for the client would violate personal ethical principles Correct

If providing required care to a certain type of client would violate the nurse's personal ethics, then it is the nurse's responsibility to transfer care of that client to another professional nurse rather than not perform necessary care, which would be a form of abandonment. Beneficence is the duty to do good, not the duty to do no harm. Withholding information from a client is not only unethical but also illegal.
Imposing the nurse's values onto a client is never appropriate.
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3.The nurse is planning to administer a narcotic to a client for pain control. The medication order expired the day before. What is the nurse's best action?

Ask the health care provider for a renewal for the medication, but do not administer the medication until the order is renewed. Correct

The nurse must have a valid order before administration of a medication.
The FDA Act does not protect the nurse in the event of an expired medication order.
The Durham-Humphrey Amendment distinguishes drugs that should not be refilled without a new prescription, including narcotics. The nurse should not administer a narcotic without a current prescription.
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4.The nurse is planning to administer a new medication to a pregnant client. The client is concerned about the effect of the medication on the fetus. What is the nurse's best response?

“This medication is pregnancy drug category A, which means that there has been no evidence of fetal harm when this drug is administered to pregnant clients.” Correct

Drugs are labeled with pregnancy categories, and category A medications have been proven, through studies, to have no risk to the fetus. Category B indicates that while studies have been conducted on animals, no well-controlled studies on the effects in pregnancy have been conducted, and risk is assumed. Many medications do not harm the fetus and are safe for use during pregnancy. Category X indicates that the medication has been proven to cause harm to the fetus and should not be given to a pregnant client.
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5.A physician has ordered a new medication for a client and states, "The client must take this medication or she will not recover. If she knows about the side effects, she probably will not want to take it." When attempting to administer the medication, the client states "This pill is new. I don't want to take it. What does it do?" What is the nurse's best response?

To refuse to give the medication unless the client is taught about the medication and its side effects Correct

The nurse's code of ethics requires that the nurse respect the rights, dignity, and wishes of clients. It is the nurse's legal responsibility as well as ethical responsibility to make sure the client understands the treatment. The nurse is responsible for teaching the client about medications. Providing limited information or asking the client to take a medication without knowledge is not ethical.
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6.The nurse reads the initials "USP" after a drug name. What is the nurse's best action?

Proceed with the drug administration procedure. Correct

Drugs included in the USP-NF have met high standards for therapeutic use, client safety, quality, purity, strength, packaging safety, and dosage form. Drugs that meet these standards have the initials "USP" following their official name, denoting global recognition of high quality. The USP-NF is the official publication for drugs marketed in the United States, so designated by the U.S. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.
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7.The nurse is administering a schedule III controlled substance. What is an essential nursing action? (Select all that apply.)

CorrectCount the available doses of medication before administering and record them.
CorrectDocument the time and date of administration.
CorrectCountersign all discarded or wasted medication.