Mr. Popper's Penguins Notecards

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Mr. Popper's Penguins note cards.
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5th grade
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For my 3rd book, I read Mr. Popper's Penguins. For my creative project, I did a Family Tree/Character Map. *Show creative project* It has all of the characters in the book. *Say a short, descriptive summary* Mr. Popper makes a living painting houses. He loved to read about Antarctica. Mr. Popper also loved Penguins. He wrote to Admiral Drake, an Antarctic explorer, about how fond he was about penguins and how much he loved Antarctica. Hearing this, Admiral Drake spoke to Mr. Popper on the radio about getting him something special. When Mr.

Popper heard this, he got extraordinarily excited. A few days later, Mr. Popper received a package from Antarctica. He quickly opened the package, finding one South Pole Penguin. He decided to name him Captain Cook. Mrs. Popper was not as happy about this as Janie and Bill, Mr. and Mrs. Popper's children. All of the family eventually liked Captain Cook. Captain Cook starts to get lonely, so Mr. Popper calls a facility in Antarctica to see how to fix this. The facility sends Mr. Popper a new South Pole Penguin named Greta to keep Captain


Cook occupied. Greta later has 10 baby penguins. The 12 penguins learn to do something incredible; preform on stage. The Popper's Preforming Penguins went through the roof; they were booming with fans. They are given a ten-week contract for $5000 a week. The contract later ends, and Mr. Popper has to make a big decision; let the penguins go to the North Pole to start a colony there, or sign a contract for way more money a week that the other contract. Mr. Popper is given some time to think, and chooses to send the penguins to the North Pole, and comes with them!