OTPF, Part 2

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2nd half of OTPF questions from class
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Define Performance Skills

The abilities clients demonstrate in the actions they perform.


List categories of performance skills
Give an example of each

*Motor and Praxis skills (Planned Movement)- bending and reaching for a toy
*Sensory-perceptual skills -positioning body in exact location for a safe jump
*Emotional regulation skills - Controlling anger towards others
*Cognitive skills - judging the appropriatness of clothes for the circumstance
*Communication and social skills - looking where someone else is pointing


What are these performance skills dependent on?

The context in which the occupation is performed, the specific demands of the activity being attempted, and the client's body functions and structures


Define performance patterns

Patterns of behavior related to daily life activities that are habitual or routine.


What are habits?

Automatic behavior that is integrated into more complex patterns that enable people to function on a day-to-day basis. (Can be useful, dominating, or impoverished and either support or interfere with performance in areas of occupations)


What are routines?

Patterns of behavior that are observable, regular, repetitive, and that provide structure for daily living.


What are roles and rituals?

Sets of behaviors expected by society, shaped by culture, and may be further conceptualized and defined by the client.


What are the environments described in the Framework?

*Environment - external physical and social environments that surround the client and in which the client's dally life occupations occur
*Physical environment - natural and built nonhuman environment and objects in them
*Social environment - constructed by presence, relationships, and expectations of persons, groups, and organizations with whom the client has contact


What are the contexts described in the Framework? Give examples of each.

*Cultural - customs, beliefs, activity patterns, behavior standards,& expectations accpeted by the society of which the client is a member
*Personal - demographic features of the individual (age, gender, SES, education)
*Temporal - stages of life, time of day or year, duration, rhythm of activity, or history
*Virtual - interactions in simulated, real-time, or near-time situations absent of physical contact


What does the Process of Occupational Therapy mean?

The way OT practitioners operationalize their expertise to provide services to clients.


What are the 3 main sections of process delivery?

Evaluation, intervention, and outcome monitoring


List and describe each subcategory of Process Delivery

*Evaluation - Occupational Profile & Analysis of Occupational Performance
*Intervention - Intervention Plan, Intervention Implementation, and Intervention Review
*Outcomes - Supporting Health and Participation in Life through Engagement in Occupation