Fundamentals of Nursing: Foundations Study Guide 1, Chapter 3 Flashcards

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Public Health Nursing differs from Community Health

Public Health Nursing understands the needs of a population.


Community Health Nursing

Focuses on the health care of individuals, families, and groups within a community


Community Based Nursing Care takes place where?...

It takes place within community settings such as homes or clinics in order to provide services close to where patients live. This reduces cost of health care for the patient and provides direct access to nurses. Requires a strong knowledge base in family theory.


A Community-Based Nursing Center

Functions as the first level of contact between members of a community and the health care delivery system.


A Specialist in public health nursing requires...

a graduate level education focusing in public health science.


The 3 componets of the Community Assessment

* Stucture (locale)
* Population (people)
* Social Systems


Stucture (locale) includes:

*name of community or neighborhood
*geographical boundaries
*emergency services
*water & sanitaion
*economic status(average household income,# of residents on public assistance)


Population (people) includes:

*age distribution
*sex distribution
*growth trends
*education level
*predominate ethnic groups
*predominate religious groups


Social Systems include:

*education system
*communication system
*welfare system
*voluteer programs
*health system


Vulnerable Populations are...

groups of patienst who are most likely to develop health problems as a result of excess health risks, who are limited to access to health care services, or who depend on tohers for care.


Who are most likely to be vulnerable poplulations?

*individuals living in poverty
*older adults
*people who are homeless
*immigrant populations
*those in abusive relationships
*substance abusers
*those with severe mental illness


When Assessing Members of Vulnerable Populations

evaluate and understand a patient's and family's cultural beliefs, values and practices to determine their specific needs and the intervenions that will most likely be successful in improving thier state of health. Also see box 3-2 on page 34 for more.


The Healthy People Initiative

was created to establish ongoing health care goals.


Overall goals of Healthy People 2020 are..

to increase life expectancy and quality of life and eliminate health disarities through and improved delivery of health care services.


Substance abuse is..

a term that describes more that the use of illegal drugs. It also includes the abuse of alcohol and prescribed medicatons such as antianxiaty agents and opiod analgesics.


To be successful Community-Based Nursing you will be these things...

*a caregiver
*case manager
*change agent
*patient advocate


As Caregiver

This is first and foremost. In this setting you manage and care for the health of the community, in addition you individualize care within the context of the patient's community so long-term success is more likely.


As Case Manager

The ability to establish an appropriate plan of care based on assessment of patients and families and to coordinate needed resources and services for the patient's well-being across a continuum of care.


As Change Agent

This involves identifying and implementing new and more effective approaches to problems.


As Patient Advocate

It is important to provide the information necessary for patients to make informed decisions in choosing and using services appropriately.


As Collaborator

You will need to be competent in working not only with individuals and their families but also with other related health care disciplines.


As Counselor

You help patients identify and clarify health problems and choose appropriate courses of action to solve those problems. Knowing community resources is a critical factor.


As Educator

You have the opportunity to work with single individuals and groups of patients. Establishing relationships with community servic organizations offers educational support to a wide range of patient groups.


As Epidemiologist

you are involved in case finding, health teaching, and tracking incident rates of an illiness.


Patients are more likely to accept a change if..

it is more advantageous, compatiable, realistic, and easy to adopt.