Texas Govt ch 2 review questions

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3. Explain how the dominant concepts of federalism have changed as the political and legal climate has changed. Describe the differences between the concepts of dual federalism and cooperative federalism. What historical developments led to the expansion of national government power? Explore the role the national government has played in the advancement of civil rights, public health, and environmental protection.

A. Late 1700's Marshall took broad view of
national powers, by 1830's dual federalism
dev.(national govt. limited & separate from
states, 1930's national govt. offered grant-
in-aid to states therefore making cooperative
govt. & 1970's to present day (conservative
states) say call it coercive federalism


B. Dual federalism was before the great depression and the new deal. It is the belief that having separate and equally powerful levels of government is the best arrangement; the analogy is the layered cake. After the new deal it changed to cooperative federalism which is the relationship between national and state governments starting with the new deal.