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In Texas most favor low taxes, modest state
services, & few business regulations.

State's power is used to enforce: restricting
abortion, limiting same sex-relationships,
& imposing severe penalties on lawbreakers.


The 3 political cultures:
1. Moralistic
2. Traditionalistic
3. Individualistic

Moralistic: Govt. is viewed as + force, values
the individual, & functions for the benefit
of the general public.


Individualistic: Govt. is viewed as practical,
Govt. prime objective is to further private
enterprise, & Govt. intervention into
people's lives should be restricted.

Traditionalistic: Govt's primary role is to
maintain the dominant social & religious
values, Govt should help maintain accepted
class distinctions, & belief in personal
rather than public solutions to problems


Texas is a mix of traditional and individualistic
cultures, which vary by region.

Traditional-Individualistic Regions: Southwest,
South, & East.


Individualistic-Traditional Regions: Panhandle,
West, North, Central, German Hill County,
Gulf Coast.

Texas Cultural Regions: East Texas, The Gulf
Coast, A boom in Houston, South Texas,
Southwest Texas, The Texas Boarder,
Immigration & National Security, German Hill
Country, West Texas, The Panhandle, North
Texas & Central Texas


Women's Rights:
Right to vote-1918
Right to serve on jury-1954
Rights regarding property-1967

Women's Suffrage Movement:
Minnie Fisher Cunningham
The Nineteenth Amendment
The Marital Property Act


Equal Rights Amendment(1972) & The Marital
Property Act granted women equal rights in
insurance, banking, real estate, divorce,
child custody & property rights.

Roe v. Wade(1973): changed the laws in Texas from
criminalizing abortions


KKK was first organized in 1860's & a modified
version was reborn in the 1920's.

NAACP(1909) & LULAC(1929) were organizations that
were formed in order to fight for equality
rights of the African American's.


Nixon v. Herndon(1927) - Supreme Court found that
Texas White Primary law was unconstitutional
for not allowing Dr. L.H. Nixon the right to
vote in the Democratic primary

Smith v. Allwright(1944) - Supreme court that
primaries were a part of the election process
& that racial discrimination in the electoral
process is unconstitutional


Plessy v. Ferguson brought about legal segregation.
"Separate but equal"

Latino's were considered 'legally white'


The Raymondville Peonage case(1929) known for
forcing vagrants or debtors to repay farmers
with labor. Found unconstitutional.

Herminca Hernandez et al. v. Driscoll Consolidated
ISD - 1957 segregated facilities prohibited
in schools


Hernandez v. State of Texas (1954) - where
Hernandez was on trial for murder and the
jury were only all whites. discrimination

Fourth Amendment: guarantees equal protection of
the law


Lawrence v. Texas - where two gay men were
arrested in their own home having sex. The US
Supreme courts overturned it stating it was a
violation of the Fourteenth Amendment, which
protects personal relationships

added an amendment to the Texas Constitution in 2005 banning both gay and lesbian marriage and civil unions


The Texas political culture is a mix of the traditionalistic subculture from its Old South heritage, the individualistic subculture from the frontier experience, and the Midwestern and German influences.

East Texas is strongly traditionalistic and has the “ Old South” atmosphere


Individualistic culture is more dominant in the Panhandle, West Texas, and Southwest Texas.

The traditionalistic political subculture is found primarily in the South and Border States, particularly in the former Confederate states.


Texas, one of six states that have no state income tax, relies solely on regressive taxes.

individualistic subculture, is found throughout much of the United States, but particularly in the Mid- Atlantic States, the Midwest, the West, and Southwest.