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Jefferson Davis was born on June 3rd, 1808. His parents were Samuel and Jane Davis. He was born in Christian County, Kentucky, with nine other siblings. During Davis's childhood, he moved twice. He moved to St. Mary Parish, Louisiana and to Wilkinson County, Mississippi. He spent most of his childhood in both Mississippi and Kentucky. He joined the army and fought in the Black Hawk War of 1832. He fell in love with a woman named Sarah Knox Taylor. She was the daughter of his Colonel: Zachary Taylor. Davis asked if he could marry his daughter but Taylor refused because he didn't want his daughter to get involved with Military Life. Davis quit the army and married Sarah. She died a few months after they got married of malaria. He too got malaria but survived.

Slide 1-Early Life


A few years later, he met Varina Banks Howell. At the time she was seventeen years old, and Davis was thirty-five. He proposed to her within a month of meeting her. They had six children, and three of them died before reaching adulthood. Davis had heard of the Mexican-American War and of the "popular sovereignty" (which was whether you wanted to be a free or slave state) that was going on in the West. And he was very interested in the conflict between the North (who did not want slavery) and the South (who did want slavery), which led him to politics. In 1856, he was sworn into Senate. He believed that without slaves, the country would fall apart because the farms would loose money. In 1860, Southern states began to secede from the U.S, so Davis had to resign as Senator.

Slide 2-Family and Politics


In 1861, the leaders from the seceded states met to write a constitution and choose a leader/president. Davis was a liked man in the South and he was chosen as one of the people to be president, though he did not want it. But the other man who was elected was an alcoholic, and he did not want the Confederacy to be lead by an alcoholic. He was elected President of the Confederate States of America on February 10, 1861. He took his job very seriously, by appointing a six person cabinet, an army, and war plans. But as the war went on, his military plans failed, and he just did some idiotic things. He sent soldiers to war when he knew they were unstable, he did all of the planning and such himself, and when he did give up positions they were to reckless people who made them loose big battles and an army. He spent most of his time in his home, he made taxes very high, and there was not enough food. He didn't change his military plans after he lost battles.

Slide 3-President of the Confederacy


On April 3, 1865, Union troops were planning on capturing Davis. He met with his Cabinet for the last time. Davis and his wife were captured on May 10, 1865. They were planning on escaping to Europe. On may 19, 1865 Davis was imprisoned. He was convicted of treason and spent two years in jail.

Slide 4-His Capture


He spent years looking for work in other countries. Davis became very sick and died on December 5, 1889.