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One-Price Policy

Definition of one price policy: A pricing strategy in which the same price is offered to every customer who purchases the product under the same conditions.

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Flexible-Price Policy

Definition of flexible pricing: Method of selling where the prices are open to negotiations between buyers and sellers, and allow for ... flexible premium policy ...


Loss Leader Pricing

A loss leader, or simply a leader, is a product sold at a low price, at or below its market cost to stimulate other sales of more profitable goods or services.


Odd/Even Pricing

Definition of odd even pricing: Psychological pricing method based on the belief that certain prices or price ranges are more appealing to buyers.


Prestige Pricing

Definition of prestige pricing: Marketing strategy where prices are set higher than normal because lower prices will hurt instead of helping sales.


Multiple Pricing

Multiple pricing occurs when a supplier displays more than one price for the same item or service. If a supplier displays the same item with more than one price.


Promotional Pricing

This Sears ad is an excellent example of promotional pricing. According to Kotler, promotional pricing occurs when "companies will temporarily ...


Price Lining

price lining definition: Pricing a product at different levels in order to appeal to different segments of the market. For example, an appliance manufacturer creates.


Bundle Pricing

Definition of product bundle pricing: A marketing ploy in which several products are offered for sale in one combined unit that is often marked at a reduced price.


Bait and Switch pricing

Definition of bait and switch pricing: Illegal practice of 'baiting' customers with unrealistically low prices to bring them into the store, and then trying to sell them.