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All of the following are compensatory behaviors for some with bulimia except

A excessive excercise
*B preoccupation with food
C forced vommiting
D use of diuretics


Excessive excercising following a binge eating episode is an example of

*A compensating
B luago
C amenorrhea
D congitive distortion


In terms of emotions, the pattern common in bulimia from prebinge through binge to postbinge is

A control enjoyment shame
B relaxation pleasure enjoyment
*C tension powerlessness shame
D shame doubt guilt


One medicalem linked problem to bulimia nervosa is

A hair loss
B hypermania
*C tooth loss
D sodium deficiency


Which of the following would be considered a drug?

A heroin
B caffeine
*C both caffeine and heroin
D neither


Intoxication is actually a form of

A tolerance
*b poisoning
C hallucination
D substance dependence


The long-term pattern of maladaptive behavior caused by a chemical or a dug is called

A tolerance
B addiction
*C substance abuse
D hallucinosis


Which is a depressant

*A opioids
B cocaine
D amphetamines


Alcohol works as a central nervous system depressant by

A stimulating the release of inhibitory neuro tranmitters
B blocking the release of inhibitory transmiters
C unbinding to receptors on neurons
*D binding to receptors on neurons


Pat and Jody each have 5 screwdrivers. Pat gets very drunk Jody does not. Which is likely to be true.

Pat is older than Jody
Pat is healthier
*Pat is a womena Jody man
Pat caucasian Jody Afican American


The alcohol blood level that typically produces the symptoms of intoxication is



2 people same gender weight consume same amount of alcohol. One sobers up faster difference is likely due to

A the form which they consumed alcohol, wine vs beer
B personality
*C liver function
D breathing rate


In order to predict ones blood alcohol level its necesssary to take into account all except

A concentraion of alchol
B one's body weight
C one's gender
*D the brand of alcohol


A person's hands and eyelids are shaking and that person is experiencing bisual and tactile hallucinations, most likely experiencing

A Korsakoff's syndrome
B narcotic attraction
*C delirium tremens
D cannabis toxicity


In about what proportion of suicides and rapes in the US does alcohol play a role in

A one tenth
B one quarter
*C one third
D one half


A full time college sutden has just become a college drop out, the chances that alcohiol was a factor is

A one is twenty
B one in ten
*C one in four
D one in two


According to a recent study by Henry Weschler and his collegues the best predictor of college binge drinking is

A being an athlete
B being a white male
C having a business major
*D living in a frat/sorority house


The scarring of the liver is caused by alcohol consumption is known as

*A cirrhosis
B hemmorrhaging
C vasoconstricion
D Korasakoff's syndrome


Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can result in

*C Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
D neontal Korsakoff's syndrome


Alcohol related facilities due to motor vehicle accidents are more likely to occur in all of the follow sit. except

A at night rather than day
B on the weekend rahter than the week
*C when more than one car is involved
D when there is only one car involved


Which drug, when missed, would most quickly result in dependence or addiction

A xanax
*B opium
C cannabis
D ethyl alcholo


A wounded veteran of the US Civil War suffereing from "soldier disease" was most likely suffereing from

*A morphine disease
B THC induced from hemp cloth
C alcohol dependence
D cirrhosis caused by


The drug which would produce effects similar to what the neurotransmitter called endorphins produce pleasurable caling feelings is

*A heroin
C Benzedrine
D methamphetamine


A heroin overdose is likely to occur when

*A one has been without heroin for a period of time and takes one usual dose
B One consistly takes the same dose of heroin
C One gradually but consistently takes large doses of heroin
D one has been without heroin for a period of time and takes a lower than dose


Cocaine and amphetimines produce

A similar behavioral effects and similar emotional effects
B similar behav. effecs but dif. emotional effects
C diff. behav. effects but sim. emotional effects
D diff behv. effects and different emotional effects


The withdrawl symptoms that persist for more than a few weeks are likely an addiction to

A heroin
*B cocaine
C marijuana
D barbituates


Ellen stopped taking her regular amount of cocaine after using it for months she will prob.experience

*A letdown, depressed, fatigue
B pain, swelling, mania, nausea
C excitement, insomnia, halluciniations
D dramatic tremors of the hands and feet, very rapid heart rate, and convulsions


If you were trying to convince a friend not be a cocaine used, what youd you cite the greatest risk from cocaine use?

A being assulting in drug related problems
B contracting AIDS
C damamge to mucous membrane
*D overdose effects


The drug that accountss for more drug treatment admission than any other

A is prescribed for medicinal reasons
B is a stimulant
C is an inability to experience sexual arousal
D is an inability to achieve sexual satisfaction


A female friend of yours who is happily married says "I really enjoy sex, but I especially enjoy getting there; foreplay is the best part" Your friend is



Hypoactive sexual desire may include all of the following except

A a low level of sexual activity
B finding sexuality activity repulsive
C a lack of interest in sexual activity
D normal physical sexual respnses


A recently married physically healthy man expresses great love for his new wife but no sexual desire one likely cause

A belief in cultual double standard about women
B decreased testosterone ouput due to drinking overnight
C increased estrogen ouput now that he has "settled down"
D a relationship that is too positive and healthy


Surveys show that women agree more strongnly than men with which of the followoing statemnts

A causual sex is unacceptable
B sex after engagement is acceptable
C sex before marriage is acceptable
D causual sex is acceptable for women but not men


Symptoms of vaginitis always include

A inability to experience organs
B involuntary contraction of vaginal muscles
C a dislike for and distrust of sexual relationship
D an emotional detatchment from the partner


Psychosis means:

A split personlaity
B loss of contact with reality
C brain seizures
D drug abuse


The film a beatiful mind descibles life of schizophrenic John Nash. In the movie, Nash developed symptoms at age 20, prominenet among them visual hallucinations. In actual fact, Nash developed symptoms when he was 30 prominent among them auditory hallucinations. Whose is more typical

A "movie" Nash
B real Nash
C some of both, symptoms onset age from movie Nash and auditory hallucinations are typical
D visual hallucinations from movie and symptoms onset afe from real Nash are typical