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which blood pressure finding during the 2nd trimester indicates a risk for pregnancy induced HTN?

baseline BP 108/72, current BP 139/88


a pregnant multigravida female states that her grandmother told her that the round shape of her abdomen indicates that she will be having a male child. although the nurse may not be able to confirm this information, at what gestation age may a sonogram identify external genitalia?

16 weeks gestation


a 21 year old female states that she might be 16 weeks pregnant. the nurse knows that there are the presumptive, probably and positive signs of pregnancy. which of the following is the presumptive sign of pregnancy?

i cant keep any good down especially in the morning


nurse intervention and implementation that has been research and validated is considered which of the following?

evidence based practice


a 27 year old pregnant woman had a pre conceptual BMI of 18. the nurse knows that this womans total recommended weight gain during pregnancy should be at most

16kg (35lb)


with regard to the position of the laboring woman, maternity nurses should be able to tell the woman that

frequent changes in position will help relieve her fatigue and increase her comfort


the 2 primary areas of risk for sexually transmitted infections

risky sexual behaviors and inadequate preventive health behaviors


a 30 year old mother is 27 weeks pregnant. this is her first appointment in the prenantal clinic. this mother is concerned about immunization during pregnancy. which information provided by the nurse is correct?

tetanus vaccine is recommended during pregnancy


a 21 year prima gravida mother is in labor. she is in the 2nd stage of labor. the nurse is teaching a new nurse about the stages of labor. the nurse knows that the new nurse needs additional teaching if she states which of the following

the 2nd stage of labor start after the placenta is delivered


with regard to the structure and function of the placenta, the maternity nurse should be aware that

as one of its early functions, the placenta acts as an endocrine gland


a 22 year old mother is 39 weeks pregnant and is in labor but is having problem with delivery. the anesthesiology speaks to the mother about pain management during labor. what information about general anethesia is incorrect?

general anesthesia is widely used for vaginal delivery


a hospital is investigating report of a sentinel event to prevent such situation from occurring. based on the nurses knowledge of sentinel event which of the following would be classified as sentinel event?

a healthy 43 yr old female developed DVT after giving birth vaginally to a preterm baby girl at 39 weeks gestation


a woman is in her seventh month of pregnancy. she has been complaining of nasal congestation and occasional epistaxis. the nurse suspects that

this is a normal respiratory change in pregnancy caused by elevated levels of estrogen


to reassure and educate pregnant patients about the functioning of their kidneys in eliminating waste products, maternity nurses should be aware that

increased bladder sensitivity and then compression of the bladder by the enlarging uterus results in the urge to urinate even if the bladder is almost empty


which statement about multifetal pregnancy is NOT accurate?

twin pregnancies come to term with the same frequency as single pregnancies


which time based description of a stage of development in pregnancy is accurate?

postdate pregnancy that extends beyond 42 weeks


to help a woman reduce the severity of nausea caused by morning sickness, the nurse might suggest that she

try a tart food or drink such as lemonade or salty foods such as potato chips


the phenomenon of someone other than the mother to be experiencing pregnancy like sx such as nausea and weight gain applies to the

expectant father


to assess the health of the mother accurately during labor, the nurse should be aware that

the endogenous endorphins released during labor will raise the womans pain threshold and production


the health care facility is training its staff about cultural sensitivity. which of the following does not promote cultural sensitivity?

inform the patient mothers that she cannot pray in the delivery room


the factors that affect the process of labor and birth, known commonly as the five Ps include all except



a 20 yr old is 30 weeks pregnant as a result of sexual assault. the nurse explains to the patient about sexual assault. which of the following is incorrect about sexual assault

patients are always ready to report the perpetrator of sexual assault


a 31 yr old is 29 weeks gestation. she complains of difficulty in ambulation. the nurse knows that because of the shift in musculoskeletal system, the nurse should include which of the following in the care plan

high risk for fall


a pregnant woman at 25 weeks of gestation tells the nurse that she dropped a pan last week and her baby jumped at the noise. which response by the nurse is most accurate

babies respond to sound starting at about 24 weeks of gestation


a pregnant womans diet history indicates that she likes the following list of foods. the nurse would encourage this woman to consume more of which food to increase her calcium intake?



with regard to medications, herbs, shots and other substances normally encountered, the maternity nurse should be aware that

both prescription and OTC drugs that otherwise are harmless can be made hazardous by metabolic deficiencies of the fetus


what represents a typical progression through the phases of womans establishing a relationship with the fetus

i am pregnant, i am going to have a baby, i am going to be a mother


a 25 yr old female tells the nurse that she has difficult with getting pregnancy so she wants to know what she can do. after the interview, the necessary lab tests were taken and PE was, the nurse begins her preconception teaching. which of the following should be included in the teaching?

it is important to take folic acid to reduce neural tube defects, avoid alcohol and recreational drug abuse, avoid behaviors that will put her at high risk for STD


the nurse is teaching a new mother about the function of the placenta. which of the following are the functions of the placenta

it supplies the baby with oxygen, it supplies the fetus with nutrient


some non pharmacological interventions for pain relief may include which of the following?

water therapy, music therapy, heat and cold application