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othello written in 1603 with style based on characterization

published in 1622, first folio in 1623


source Heccatommithi by italian novelist giraldi cinthio

the play is in venice and cyprus


tragedy about jealousy

shows how iago makes othello believe that his wife is having an illicit affair with cassio


central character othello iago desdemona cassio emilia etc

iago is an evil figure, his major motivation is because he is jealous with othello and he has big love for desdemona


outstanding feature of the play is the use of theatrical divide of the handkerchief that othello gives to desdemona

the certain sense of the whole play is the handkerchief that makes us led to awareness of the logical development of othello's unfounded jealousy


this play shows us the power of words




1. Exposition/introduction: informs us that Desdemona, has eloped with the black Moor Othello.

2. Exciting action: Iago’s resentment that Othello has promoted the florentine Michael Cassion position of lieutenant instead of himself; this excites iago into a decision to work for the downfall of Cassio and Othello.

3. Rising action: series ways of iago works to make Othello begin to have suspicious of his wife’s having a secret romance with Cassio.

4. Climax: Othello believes that he overhears Cassio talking lewdly about Desdemona but actually Cassio is talking about his mistress to Bianca

5. Catastrophe: Othello murders Desdemona, after he knows that he has been tricked by iago he stabs himself.


Othello, in the beginning, he is seen as strong and heroic military leader, but at the end of the play immediately prior to his suicide he has become an anila mad and jealous yet humble in his despair after he murdered his wife. His appearence is middle-aged, Negro Moor, dress in the costume of a superior soldier.