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What are some of the features enabled by Pro Tools | Ultimate software?(pg. 32)

Full surround mixing capabilities up to 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos formats


What is required to import and arrange multiple video clips on a Video track?(pg. 32)

Timecode ruler must match the frame rate of your video clips


Name some areas of focus available for Workspace browsers in Pro Tools.(pg. 34)

Audition audio files

Using elastic audio features

Search across one or more mounted drives

Drag and drop into an open session


What are some of the functions that you can perform using a Workspace browser?(pg. 35)

Access view and search the contents of your drive

Designate the function of each drive

View, manage, audition, and import files from a drive

Locate and open a session from a drive


How can you audition files from a browser? How can you audition them in context with your session?(pg. 36)

Select an audio file in the workspace pane and press the spacebar

Select an audio file in the workspace browser and click on the preview button in the browser

Enable the audio files to confirm to the session tempo button in the browser toolbar and play the audio


What is Soundbase? What are tags in Soundbase?(pg. 38)

Soundbase is a workspace browser window that allows you to find audio using tags

Tags are for searching within your sound libraries or for searching in other locations


What are some available destinations when importing audio from a Workspace browser or Soundbase?(pg. 42)

Clip list and Tracks


What are some of the different types of media you can import into Pro Tools (in addition to audio files)?(pg. 46)

Audio, Midi, Video, Clips groups, Session data

  1. What command allows you to import entire tracks from another Pro Tools session into your current session?(pg. 48)

File > Import > Session data

Press Option + Shift + I


What types of clips can be grouped together as a clip group? Can clips of different types be combined into a single clip group?(pg. 51)

Audio, Midi, Video clips


How many clips are required for a clip group? Can clip groups contain silence?(pg. 51)

You can put multiple clips in a clip group

Clips groups can contain silence they can start anywhere


What kind of icon is used to indicate a clip group? Where is the icon located?(pg. 53)

A media-type symbol

Its located in the lower-left corner of the clip


What do the Ungroup and Ungroup All commands do? How would you go about reassembling a clip group after using one of these command?(pg. 53)

The ungroup command makes it return one clip back to normal. And the ungroup all command ungroups the whole clip

You regroup the clips and a dialog box will appear you can choose to modify or copy