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animosity (n)

From all his growling and snapping, you would think our beagle felt a personal ??? toward every other dog on the block. The deep ??? between the Montagues and Capulets could not prevent Romeo and Juliet from falling in love. Her moods seem to go from one extreme to the other -- from deepest ??? to unlimited enthusiasm.


apathy (n)

I was horrified when the sales force greeted my great idea for an ad campaign with total ???. Yes, there is some ??? between different racial and ethnic groups, but it can be overcome by education and experience. Simple ??? seems to be the main reason that such a large percentage of those eligible to vote fail to cast ballots in any election.


apprehensive (adj)

As the hurricane approached, ??? residents all along the coast prepared for the worst. The woman looked ??? when her guide announced that the group was going whitewater rafting in the afternoon. Those students who have been doing their work all term need not feel ??? about the final examination. In spite of all the elaborate safety precautions, I couldn't help feeling a little ??? as I set out for my first skydiving lesson.


commend (v)

The board of directors voted to ??? him for the skill and enthusiasm with which he had managed the charity drive. The mayor ??? the younger people for their volunteer work at local hospitals and soup kitchens. Mary Shelley is often ??? for having written one of the earliest examples of science fiction: the classic novel Frankenstein. If you can't ??? me for my efforts to help you, at least don't criticize me for not doing everything you want.


compatible (adj)

It is surprising how often people with very different personalities turn out to be ??? when they get to know one another. I am looking for a printer that is ??? with my computer. Eyewitness accounts of an accident rarely are totally ???. Your unwillingness to study foreign languages is in no way ??? with your ambition to get a job in the foreign service.


condolence (n)

A few well-chosen words of ??? can be a great comfort to someone who has lost a loved one. I think we should offer congratulations rather than ??? for the disappearance of that battered old heap you called a car. Although I was unable to visit my old friend's widow in person, I offered my ??? in a heartfelt letter.


consecrate (v)

Traditionally most religious denominations hold special ceremonies to ??? a new house of worship. In this new century of our nation's life, let us ??? ourselves anew to the ideals of human freedom. "Today", said the speaker, "we ??? this monument to the memory of all those who fought and died in defense of their country."


decrepit (adj)

"I may be aging," the famous movie star replied, "but I am hardly ???." Our Constitution is more than 200 years old; but far from being ???, it is still a vital, dynamic, and highly practical plan of government. I think that the phrase "on its last legs" is an apt description of that ??? old house down the block.


deride (v)

Most people find jokes that ??? somebody's national origin or social background extremely offensive. Many stand-up comedians regularly ??? popular fads and fashions. The owner of the used car dealership showed poor judgement when he decided to publicly ??? his employees' suggestions for improved customer service. Political candidates who do nothing but ??? their opponents' character and abilities may alienate voters.


ingenuous (adj)

In his novels, Dickens has harsh words for those who take cruel advantage of ??? young people. Can you be so ??? that you don't realize she is paying us all those phony compliments to get something out of us? Now that I am a senior, it is hard to believe that I was ever as innocent and ??? as the members of the new freshmen class.


multifarious (adj)

Leonardo Da Vinci's notebooks reveal that he was a man of ??? interests. Two of the chief strengths of modern American society are the variety and vitality that arise from its ??? cultures. The ??? problems that will face America's presidents in the twenty-first century will make their job one of the most demanding in the world.


obsolete (adj)

In order to remain competitive, manufacturing companies periodically replace ??? machinery. I must give you the sad news that correct spelling and good grammar are not, and will never be ???. Technology changes so rapidly that a particular computer may be state-of-the-art one day and ??? the next.


omnivorous (adj)

Some people are ??? reader, with a lively appetite for all types of fiction and nonfiction. If you think of all the different kinds of food that human beings are able to consume, you will realize that we are truly an ??? species. An ??? animal has a greater chance of survival than one that depends on a single food source.


parsimonious (adj)

Many people who lost money in the Great Depression later adhered to a ??? lifestyle, even during more prosperous times. He is so absorbed in himself that he has become ??? in the normal expression of human sympathy and affection. Struggling to overcome her ??? inclinations, she finally reached into her pocket and handed me one thin dime!


quandary (n)

Try as I might, I could see no way out of the ethical ??? in which I found myself. So there I was, having accepted invitations to two different parties on the same evening. What a ??? to be in. So we are faced with that old ???— an income that simply can’t be stretched to cover the things that we simply must have.


recalcitrant (adj)

A ??? individual may have great difficulty adjusting to a job that requires a good deal of teamwork. The handful of ??? students who refuse to obey study hall regulations are violating the rights of the majority. I trust you will never have the experience of trying to cross the desert with a ??? mute that wabre to remain where it is.


reprisal (n)

The Highland clans of Scotland engaged in cattle rustling in ??? for real or imagined injuries. Although our society must punish criminals, I don’t think we should do so simply as a ??? for the wrongs they have committed. If we increase our tariff rates on the goods of other countries, we can be sure that they will raise their own rate in ???.


revel (v)

Throughout the hot, dusty journey, we ??? in the thought that soon we should be swimming in the cool lake. Some movies stars do not ??? in the attention that their fans and the media pay them. All around the world, the new millennium was ushered in with positive thoughts and ???. When my friends appeared with an MP3 player and a docking station with amazing sound, I realized that our crash study session might become an all-day ???.


stultify (v)

In totalitarian regimes, censorship and violence are often employed to suppress criticism and ??? dissent. The address was so dull and long-winded that it seemed to ??? rather than inspire the audience. Oppressive heat may ??? the mind and spirit as well as the body.


suave (adj)

Nick Charles, the clever detective in the Thin Man movies, is a ??? man-about-town. Clark Gable was a ??? leading man who attracted women with his charm and good looks and impressed men with his strength and confidence. The headwaiter was so ??? and self-assured in his manner that we took him to a diplomat. It was difficult for us to believe that such a ??? and cultured gentleman was a member of a gang of international jewel thieves.