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How can you sign in to your Avid Master Account when starting work in Pro Tools? What is required to sign in to your account? (pg.2)

You can click the sign in in the top right corner of the pro tool pop box and You need your email and password


Why is it important to select the audio interface you want to use prior to creating or opening a session? What dialog box can you use for this purpose?(pg 4)

To ensure that the I/O settings match when you create or open a Pro Tools document


What is the H/W Buffer Size setting in the Playback Engine dialog box used for? What kinds of tracks are affected by this setting?(pg 4)

The number of samples passed from the audio interface to the computer's CPU at once for host-based processing tasks. It affects tracks that are record enabled and tracks receiving live input


What dialog box can you use to configure the available options for your connected audio interface?(pg 6)

Hardware setup Dialog box


How can you specify the I/O settings that Pro Tools will use when creating a new session from the Dashboard?(pg 7)

You can select Stereo Mix in the I/O settings pop-up menu to ensure that your document will be created with the correct input and output path for your active audio interface


Where are changes to Pro Tools I/O settings saved? Are they stored in the session or on the system?(pg

Select Setup > I/O and are stored in the system


What dialog box can you use to rename signal paths?(pg 10)

I/O Setup


How can you configure an audition path in Pro Tools?(pg 12)

Choose setup >I/O - Click on the output tab - Click the Audition path selector near the bottom of the dialog box and select an alternate Chapter path


What are some ways to open a recently used project or session on a system?(pg 13)

File > Open Recent

File > Create New or File > Open project


What shortcut operation can you use to add an individual Audio track to your session?(pg 13)

Command + Double click (mac) or Ctrl + double click (windows


What options are available for changing the display of the Mix and Edit windows? What are some of the optional views available in each window?(pg 15)

Various selections in the view menu


How can you easily show or hide tracks in Pro Tools? What is the difference between hiding a track and deleting a track?(pg 21)

Go to Track show/hide


What are some options available in the Track List pop-up menu?(pg 21)

View and select tracks also lets you modify your display by showing and hiding individual tracks and changing the track orde