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Abhor (v)

A pacifist is someone who ??? violence in all its forms. I wouldn't say that I ??? housework, but I must admit that I avoid it. If you ??? blood, then you should probably not be a nurse. Let me say frankly that I ??? prejudice in anyone, even a member of my own family.


amend (v)

If you are not doing well in a particular subject, you may want to ??? your way of studying it. Hoping it was not too late to amend their relationship, the young man purchased a lovely bouquet of roses. The Founding Fathers set up a method of ??? the Constitution that is neither too easy nor too difficult to use. We are petitioning the council to ??? its procedures so that all citizens wil have a chance to express their opinions.


buffet (v)

Blinding snowstorms ??? the barren landmass of Antartica for months on end. Few figures in history or literature are as severely tested by fortune's ??? as Job in the Old Testament. Which great poet said that his head was "bloody but unbowed" under the ??? of fate. A person who has been ??? about by many dreadful misfortunes will either become stronger or suffer a complete breakdown.


chaos (n)

A great many people lost their fortunes and even their lives in the ??? brought on by the French Revolution. We can expect ??? later if we do not develop a realistic conservation policy now. A lack of organizational skills can make a student's life ??? right before a busy exam season. In our frantic search for the missing papers, we overturned everything in the room, leaving it in complete ???.


commodious (adj)

No one would expect a tiny studio apartment to have particularly ??? closets. I'm not so sure that I want to rent a bungalow so ??? that I'll have room for guests every weekend. The trunk of the car was so ??? that it held all of our skiing equipment as well as our other luggage.


corrosive (adj)

Sulfuric acid is one of the most ??? substances known to chemistry. Did you know that many soft drinks, especially colas, are so ??? that they can erode tooth enamel over time. History gives us many examples of how the ??? effects of religious hatred can weaken the entire social structure. The American writer Dorothy Parker was celebrated for her sharp tongue and ??? wit.


discern (v)

It is a jury's job to ??? the truth by carefull evaluating all the evidence presented at trial.


extant (adj)

The paintings of animals and human hands in Spain's Altamira caves are among the oldest ??? specimens of Stone Age art.


implicate (v)

The suspects never stood trial because there was no solid evidence to ??? them in the daring series of robberies.


inter (v)

Jewels and other objects once ??? with Egypt's pharaohs can now be seen in numerous museums all over the world.


martinet (n)

When i came to drilling troops, the Revolutionary War general Baron Friedrich von Steuben was something of a ???.


obviate (v)

Vaccinations can do much to ??? the dangers of childhood illnesses.


renegade (n)

Many a writer has been labeled a ??? for refusing to conform to society's conventions. ??? senators from the President's own party joined the opposition to defeat the bill.