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What is the best way to reach full maturity?

The best way to reach full maturity is to grow up in a loving family.


What are the four types of family that we looked at during the roots of the section?

Extended families, nuclear families, single-parent families, blended families and foster families.


What are 4 things a good friendship needs?

1. Accepting people for who they are

2. Being a good listener

3. Loyalty

4. Forgiveness


What things stress a friendship?

The four things that stress a friendship are exploitation, jealousy and envy, gossip and rumors, and cliques.


What are three reasons that gossip and rumors exist?

The three reasons that gossip and rumors exist are it is used by some people to feel superior to others, it encourages people to get pleasure from others difficulties, and it is often used as a weapon to get revange.


What are three reasons for cliques?

Three reasons for cliques are status, security, and power.