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Bowfin (freshwater dogfish)

  • long dorsal fin
  • male guards nest
  • males have spots on dorsal fin
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  • smallest MN fish is the least darter 1.5 inches
  • 14 kinds of darter
  • Jonny Darter is the most common in Mn
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Freshwater Drum-aka sheepshead

Is known for the rumbling and grunting sounds the males make to attract males

It is a large, round profiled, silver humpbacked fish

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Lake Sturgeon

  • Bottom feeder
  • maximum lifespan is typically 55 years for males and 150 years for females
  • largest fish in MN (over 100 pounds)
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Long-nose gar

  • Aggressive predator with diamond shaped scales. feed mostly at night
  • can live in low oxygen water and breath air from the surface
  • found in shallow lakes
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Paddlefish- related to sturgeon

  • can get over 7 ft and 40 pounds
  • skeleton is made of cartilage (not bone)
  • found in st. Croix and Mississippi river. Sometimes poached for high quality of caviar
  • threatened species
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Sea Lamprey

  • scaleless, eel-like fish that grows 12-20" long
  • has sucker mouth with rings of teeth (feed off Blood)
  • severely damaged lake trout and whitefish populations
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  • 6-9 inch silver fish that used to be netted in large numbers on the North Shore during smelt “runs”
  • Sensitive to light and run at night in shallow water
  • Population in the 60’s and 70’s became out of control when their predator (lake trout) was decreased because of sea lamprey
  • Accidentally released into Great Lakes from a inland lake in MI where they were stocked as a forage fish
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Bigmouth buffalo

  • Largest member of Sucker family
  • They can grow 3 feet long or longer and weigh more than 50 pounds.
  • color from green to gold to almost black. They have a coppery sheen.
  • Look like carp without the barbels
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Burbot (Eelpout)

  • Common nicknames for the Burbot are Lawyer, Ling, Cusk, Lush, Loche, Mudblow and Poor Man’s Lobster
  • Freshwater member of the Cod family
  • Likes cold water, so it is most active in Winter
  • Bottom dweller that eats mostly other fish such as small yellow perch and walleyes, but also consume fish eggs, clams, crayfish, mayfly larvae and other aquatic insects.