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What does Civil Engineering talk about?

It talks about the design(is the process of creating a plan to make an object or a construction) and construction of: Roads, bridges, canals(are the ways that been made to control the water surge direction) sewage Systems(are systems to control the flow of the waste water), the component of a building and Rail ways


What does "Sewage" mean?

It means waste water or used water


How old is Civil engineering?

It's the 2end oldest engineering discipline(it's a brach of knowledge) after military engineering


What are its sub-Disciplines?

Geotechnicl engineering, structural engineer, environmental engineering, construction engineering, transportation engineering, General engineering(its also called site engineering)


Who are "surveyors"?

They are civil engineers that are specialised to control the boundaries of a construction or مساحة


What is the job of "Site engineers"?

They are also called General Engineers, their jobs is to check the work that the Stakeholders (عمّال) have done


What does a "construction engineer" do?

He has the riskiest job among the other civil engineers, he has to monitor(pay close attention) the coast of construction supplies and draft(Draw) contracts and review them


What is the job of "costal" engineers?

Thier job is to manage contructions that are in costal areas, incase of flooding and erosions(The process of the water carving its way)


How and what did made the "Grand Canyon"?

The Grand Canyon made because of the erosion of the Colorado River


what is the purpose of "forensic engineering"?

its job is to analyze and study the cause or causes of a failure of building and constructing


can a Forensic engineer investigate an intellectual property like a petents(its a paper that excludes (prevents from entering) anyone of investigating a property)?



who has the job of "getting developmental approvals and approvals for demolish or building or extending a building"?

a "site engineer"


what is a "retaining wall"? its used for what?

Its a vertical or a sub-vertical wall that is designed to resist the lateral pressure of the soil that it contains,

its also constructed or designed to hold its containing soil in a sharp slope, a certain sharp slope(angle) that the soil cant be stable at it naturally,

its also useful because when the contained soil exceeds(gets higher or greater than) its ANGLE OF REPOSE(which is steepest (sharpest) angle that the soil can be stable in it naturally) it wont fall just because the retaining walls are handling that pressure.

otherwise just like in nature the soil should fall when it exceeds its angle of repose but because of the walls it wont


what is the best material to use to build "retaining walls"? and why?

dry stones, because it doesn't need a drainage process, it will automatically drain its containing soil


What does "Masonry" mean?

its a unit for building blocks, like concrete and brick and stone, they could say brick Masonry instead of brick blocks


What is "Mortar"?

its The Binder between Masonries(Building Blocks)


What does "bulk" mean?

its the size of a building or construction


What are " rock quarries"?

they are the places that People Farm Rocks in them

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what is this, For What Is it used?

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its Used to turn Clay into Brick and Pottery, with its insane temperature

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what are these? what do they do?

they are Called Pigments, and they Basically are a color for concrete

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what do you call these? which concrete do they produce?

they are called AutoClaves, they produce Aerated AutoClaved Concreted Or ACC for short

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What do you call these?

they are called "Road Shoulders"

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What are these Called?

they Are called "Walk Ways"

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What the Hell is this? what is its Purpose?

its Called Foam, its used as Blocking for noise and temperature Because Its Durable (lasts for a long Time)


what does Parallel Mean?

it means it goes as the same direction (or "Tareb" in Kurdish)


what is "groove" in concrete Blocks?

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they are the holes in the concrete blocks (if they exist)