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Integration Mangement

the processes that identify, define, combine, unify, and coordinate all the other PMBOK processes and activities

7 processes
Develop Project Charter
Develop PM Plan
Direct and manage project work
Manage project knowledge
Monitor and control project work
perform integrated change control
Close project or phase


Initiating: Develop Project Charter

process of developing a document that formally authorizes the existence of the project and provides the PM with the authority to apply organizational resources to project activities

*Project charter must be led by project sponsor and NOT project manager


Develop project charter

establishes a partnership between the performing and requesting organizations - can develop into a formal monetary contract

documents the reason for investing in the project

provides a high-level description of the project

authorizes work to begin on the project

authorizes the assignment of resources


Develop project charter - who takes the lead in developing it and what is your role as PM

Project Sponsor or Client develops Project Charter

As PM you help, you communicate with key stakeholders to ensure a common understanding

You gain a better understanding of benefits to be achieved and why


Develop project charter Inputs - Business Case

provides the information that was used in deciding to fund the project

Will relate to one or more of 7 business needs

market demand
organizational need
customer request
technological advance
legal requirement
ecological impacts
social need


market demand

auto companies responding to market demand for self-driving cars


organizational need

improving an internal process to lower costs


customer request

infrastructure firm building new roads to support a planned urban development


technological advance

incorporating cloud computing into a business process


legal requirement

incorporating a change in industry regulations


ecological impacts

reducing the organizations environmental impact


social need

organizing efforts to assist a tornado-stricken area


Environmental Impact Assessment EIA

Identifying, predicting, and mitigating environment affects of your project prior to making major decisions and commitment s

activities to do this would be included in the scope of the project

would also schedule an audit at the end of the project to evaluate the accuracy of your project's EIA by comparing actual to predicted environmental impacts


Regulatory Impact Assessment RIA

to ensure that a regulation (and your associated project) will be welfare-enhancing from the societal viewpoint (Meaning benefits to society should outweigh costs to society)

activities to conduct an RIA would be included in the scope of the project

the RIA would compare different means of achieving an objective so the option that is most welfare-enhancing can be chosen