The Life of Pi

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Life of Pi
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Who are Pi's supporters of his choice in religion?

Mr. Kumar the baker, (who is Islamic), his Mother is supportive of it, and


Who is Pi's non-supporters of his choice in religion?

His father, Mr. Kumar (the biology teacher/atheist), and the temple/ religious leaders.


How does Pi escape the sinking ship?

He gets thrown into a lifeboat by some Chinese men.


What is the significance of the color orange to Pi?

Orange is the contrasting color of blue and can represent Pi’s struggle against the ocean. It is also the main color of tigers. The Richard Parker persona is what gives Pi the ferocity and the determination to eat meat and not give up hope that he would survive the voyage. While orange represents all the positive strength that keeps him alive, it can also show the part of Pi that is shameful because he is horrified by the horrible things he has done.

Several of the items that Pi uses for his survival are orange. This includes the life jackets, whistle, etc. Pi says the color orange represents survival for him because the whistle keeps Richard Parker from attacking him.


What is the first and most important item Pi says he needs for survival?

A plan, he needed a plan.


What is Pi's final plan for Richard Parker?

He planned to keep Richard Parker.


What does Pi believe is a man's true opponent?

Fear, fear is mankind's only true opponent.


What's prusten?

When a tiger expresses friendliness.


What does Pi take on as a hobby while stranded at sea?



What is an ingredient that reminds Pi of home?



What item does Pi long for while stranded at sea?



What animal does Richard Parker fight?



What item does Pi see in the ocean that he finds super odd?



How is Richard Parker symbolic to Pi?

If you go with the non-animal version of the ending, he represents a world in which doing whatever is necessary for survival is not only okay, it is expected and normal.