Organisms in Their Environment Study Guide

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What do all plants and animals need to survive?

air, water, sunlight, and a source of food or energy


How can the difference in the size of a frog's back legs give it an advantage over other frogs?

The frog will be able to move faster to get food and escape predators.


Your teacher asked you to design an earth worm habitat for your classroom. What should you include in the habitat?

leaves, soil, water, and air


What is the roll of plants in the food web?



Which of these us an example of a food chain:

1) deer -> squirrel -> plant

2) deer -> plant -> eagle

3) plant -> rabbit -> eagle

4) eagle -> squireel -> rabbit -> plant

plant -> rabbit -> eagle


How do plants depend on animals for survival?

Animals help spread the seeds of plants for new growth.


What is the best way to investigate the effects of sunlight on two different types orf plants?

Place one of each plant in an area with sunlight, and one of each plant in an area without sunlight. Keep all other conditions the same.


What do plants and animals have in common?

The both need air, water, space, minerals, and food in their habitats.


What type of feet do animals that swim in the water have?

Webbed feet to push water and swim more easily.


What advantage might a beaver have over other beavers if its tail and feet were larger than other beavers?

It would be able to swim faster to avoid its predators and build its dam.


When large trees are cleared for building, that area can flood. What causes the flooding?

The area around the buildings can no longer absorb all the water since the roots of the trees no longer absorb the rain water.


Cutting down trees will:

1) have very little effect on things in the ecosystem

2) only affect the animals living in the ecosystem

3) affect most of the plants and animals living in the ecosystem

4) only affect animals living in trees in the ecosystem

affect most of the plants and animals in the ecosystem


What environmental concerns should be raised from cutting trees to build a restaurant and a parking lot?

Effects on the balance of natures and populations of species that live there.


After trees in a neighborhood were cut down, people in the neighborhood next door noticed an increase in their squirrel population in the trees in their yard. Why?

The squirrels moved to a new location after the trees were cut down.


There is very little plant growth under large trees. Why?

1) The large tree blocks all the sunight, so plants can't grow underneath the tree.

2) The tree absorbs the water from the ground, so there is little water left for other plans.