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Communications Management
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Amy has an important message to convey to her project sponsor. (Amy, whatcha gonna do?) In crafting her message, she makes sure she attends to the three fundamental attributes of a good communication. This means she is being sure to:

a) Put her communication in writing
b) Use a push method of communication
c) Use formal communication
d) Verify the effectiveness of her communications

d) Verify the effectiveness of her communications


Bert is refining a draft of a message he has composed to go to stakeholders, with the 5C's of composing a communication in mind. Which of the following is one of the 5C's?

a) Coordinated flow of words and ideas
b) Concise flow of ideas
c) Controlling flow toward needs of receiver
d) Coherent logical flow of ideas

d) Coherent logical flow of ideas


In person-to-person communication, messages are sent on verbal levels and nonverbal levels simultaneously. As a general rule, what percentage of the message is actually sent through nonverbal cues?

a) 40-50%
b) Greater than 50%
c) 5-15%
d) 20-30%

b) Greater than 50%


On your project, you have identified 250 stakeholders and of these 250, you have determined that 200 of them will be actively interested in project progress. In developing your plan for this communication you determine the best approach will be:

a) Repository of progress reports
b) Emailing progress reports
c) Face-to-face with call-in option to report progress
d) Videoconferencing for progress updates

a) Repository of progress reports


The process of Manage communications is part of which process group?

a) Monitoring/Controlling
b) Executing
c) Initiating
d) Planning

b) Executing


The project you are managing has nine stakeholders. How many 1-to-1 channels of communication are there between these stakeholders

a) 36
b) 9
c) 45
d) 8

a) 36


Translation of the message by the receiver into meaningful data or information that can be understood by the receiver is an example of what?

a) Feedback
b) Decoding
c) Message
d) Encoding

b) Decoding


What percentage of a project manager's job involves communication?

a) 60%
b) 70%
c) 90%
d) 80%

c) 90%


Which statement is TRUE regarding communication processes?

a) Manage communications determines if the planned communications are having the intended effect
b) A key output of Monitor communications is project communications
c) Manage communications is a process in the Monitoring/Controlling process group
d) A goal of Monitor communications is to ensure the information needs of stakeholders are met

d) A goal of Monitor communications is to ensure the information needs of stakeholders are met


You work for a consulting company and your team has implemented an approved scope change on your project. You need to inform your client that the change has been made. What's the best form of communication to use for this?

a) Formal written
b) Informal interactive
c) Informal written
d) Formal spoken

a) Formal written