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Resource Management
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A project manager must manage physical resources as well as team (human) resources. Which of the following processes focuses equally on human and physical resources?

a) Control resources
b) Acquire resources
c) Manage Team
d) Manage Resources

b) Acquire resources


According to Herzberg, which of these is NOT an example of hygiene factors?

a) Safe working conditions
b) Job security
c) Salary
d) Opportunities for growth

d) Opportunities for growth


According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which is the lowest level which must be met before other levels can serve to motivate behavior?

a) Social
b) Esteem
c) Safety
d) Physiological

d) Physiological


Bob is working to acquire project team members. One of the inputs affecting his effort is a new collective bargaining agreement that affects two prospective team members. This is an example of what type of input?

a) Enterprise environmental factors
b) Negotiation
c) Organizational process assets
d) Pre-assignment

a) Enterprise environmental factors


Jackie, an intern from a local university, is job shadowing you to learn more about what a project manager does. She says she's noticed how you read people's reactions and then adjust your tone and wording based on what you perceived. You tell Jackie you learned the importance of this ability when you were studying for your PMP certification and that she, Jackie, has just exhibited a bit of it herself. This ability is referred to as:

a) Active perception
b) Emotional Intelligence
c) Reactive listening
d) Emotional perception

b) Emotional intelligence


Jane has the ability to write performance assessment memos on project team members that would negatively influence their overall performance appraisal rating. Jane has made it quite clear that if she does not believe a person is performing as requested, she (Jane) will downgrade that person's evaluation in the assessment memo. This is an example of what type of influence?

a) Formal
b) Referent
c) Reward
d) Coercive

d) Coercive


Rick needs to arrive at a duration estimate for development of the data entry software module. To do this, Rick needs an estimate of the number of developers expected to work on the activity. Rick's immediate concern requires an output from what process?

a) Estimate resource requirements
b) Acquire resources
c) Estimate activity resources
d) Estimate activity durations

c) Estimate activity resources


The purpose of the team charter is to:

a) Increase productivity of the project team
b) Establish a formal contract with team members from outside the organization
c) Identify and document team members and their individual roles on the project
d) Establish a roadmap that documents when team members will join the project and when they will be released from the project

a) Increase productivity of the project team


The responsibility assignment matrix:

a) Relates organizational departments to the project's code of accounts
b) Relates WBS elements to organizational departments
c) Relates individual team members to team-level roles and responsibilities
d) Relates WBS elements to individual team members

d) Relates WBS elements to individual team members


Using your authority to force your choice of solution in a conflict situation is:

a) Never the best strategy for handling conflict
b) Viewed as a lose-lose resolution
c) Just plain mean
d) A viable strategy in an emergency situation

d) A viable strategy in an emergency situation


War room creation and use ruing project execution is an example of:

a) Team charter
b) Team building
c) Co-location
d) Ground rules

c) Co-location


What resource process produces team performance assessments?

a) Develop team
b) Control resources
c) Manage resources
d) Manage team

a) Develop team


You are the PM of Project ABC. There is a conflict between two key project members. In an effort to resolve the conflict, the three of you meet and discuss the situation openly and honestly. Which conflict resolution strategy is being employed?

a) Compromise
b) Smooth
c) Collaborate
d) Direct

c) Collaborate