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Where can you assign the color coding that Pro Tools will automatically apply for tracks and clips? How can you display the track color bars in the Mix and Edit windows?

In Preferences

You can display them from the View menu > Mix Window Views > Track Color or Edit Window Views > Track Color

Click the Mix Window View Selector or Edit Window View Select and select Track Color from the pop-up menu


Describe the track icons used for the following track types in the Mix window: Audio, Aux Input, MIDI, Instrument, and Master Fader

Audio- Waveform

Aux Input- Down Arrow

MIDI- 5-Pin Connector

Instrument- Keyboard

Master Fader- Sigma


What are some of the track status indicators available in the Edit window? (Describe at least three)

Task Manager Status- will indicate whenever there's a background task in progress

Freeze- will be light blue to show when a track is frozen

Solo- is yellow to show when a track is soloed

Mute- is orange to show when a track is muted


How many inserts are available on a track in Pro Tools? Why is it important to consider the order in which inserts are arranges on a track?


To ensure consistency in signal processing because it affects the signal level passing through the track


Are inserts pre-fader or post-fader on Audio tracks, Instrument tracks, and Aux Input tracks? Are inserts any different on Master Fader tracks?

A/I/AI- pre-fader

MF- post-fader


Are sends pre-fader or post-fader on Audio tracks, Instrument tracks, and Aux Input tracks? Are sends any different on Master Fader tracks?

A/I/AI- Either or

MF- there are no sends on MF tracks (is the end of the routing)


How many sends are available on a track in Pro Tools?



What is the difference between an Output send and a Bus send? When would you use each?

Output- sends route signal out of audio interface, through an external processor, and back into the audio interface

Bus- uses an internal mix bud to route the signal to an Aux Input where it's processed by a plug-in


What level does a send default to when it is first created? How can you change this default?

Negative Infinite

Setup > Preferences > Mixing >

Toggle sends default to -INF


What is the difference between standard view and expanded view for sends? What keyboard modifier can you use to toggle between view modes by clicking a send selector?

Expanded has pan, fader, pre/post, and solo



How can you prevent a "return" track from muting when one of the source tracks is soloed? What modifier key is used to enable this function?

You can put solo in safe mode

Ctrl+Click the Solo button on the track


What is the effect of enabling the PRE button in a send window? What is the effect of enabling the FMP button?

Pre- Toggles from post-fader to pre-fader (post is unlit, pre is lit up blue)

FMP (Follow Main Pan)- Links send pan to main pan


How can you visually determine whether the Inverse Pan option is enabled for a send? What button(s) will be highlighted?

The link and arrow symbols are shown and both need to be selected


How can you copy a send from one track and duplicate its settings? What considerations might apply?

Alt+Click and drag it

Going from mono to stereo and vice versa will affect the automation, so be careful !


Which type of plug-in effects are generally used on inserts? Which are generally used with sends? Why?

Insert- Gain-Based Processors; Include EQ, Compressor, Gate, Expander, etc.

Sends- Time-Based Processors; Include Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Delay, Echo, etc.

Use them as a send to control wet and dry sound mix


What is the Librarian menu used for in a plug-in window? What is displayed in the Librarian menu when you first assign a plug-in? Why?

To select available presets

Factory Default


What are some uses of a Master Fader? How can you assign a Master Fader to the desired output or bus?

Control and process output mixes

Monitor and meter an output

Control submix levels

Control effects send levels

Control levels on submasters (bussed tracks)

Apply dither;

In the Audio Output selector