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What was different about the 1970s in relation to productivity versus other decades of the 20th Century?

The entire decade of the 1970s did not witness a productivity advance equivalent to even one year's progress in the preceding two decades. That's why it's called the "ME" decade


What will cause wages to decline in the decades following the 1970s?

Women entering into the workforce and lower wages.


How did the Vietnam War affect the US economy?

It drained tax dollars from needed improvements in education, deflected scientific skill and manufacturing capacity from the civilian sector, and touched off a sickening spiral of inflation.


What commodity will rise in price which will cause worse inflation for the economy?



What group controlled the price of this commodity?

OPEC (Oil Producing Exporting Countries


What caused Stagflation in the 1970s?

The combination of high interest rates, double digit inflation, High energy costs


What was the name given to the third wave of Vietnamese people coming to the United States in the late 1970s and early 1980s?

Boat people


How did the Germans and Japanese start to challenge the United States in the 1970s?

They dominated in the steel, automobiles, and consumer electronics


What was meant by President Nixon's "Vietnamization" program?

To withdraw the 540,000 American troops from Vietnam and turn the war over to the South Vietnamese, but his plan included funding the South Vietnamese to fight the North...Congress defunded the South's war effort in 1974 (Democrat majority elected to Congress because of Watergate)


What was the Nixon Doctrine?

It proclaimed that the US would honor its existing defense commitments but that in the future, Asians and others would have to fight their own wars without the support of large bodies of American ground troops.


Who was the "silent majority" according to Richard Nixon's Vice President Spiro Agnew?

The majority whom supported the war


Who did Vice President Spiro Agnew attack for their "misleading" articles and spots?

News media


In January 1970 what had the Vietnam War become for the United States?

Longest in its history


How many casualties did the US with stain during the Vietnam War?



What was the great lie which was fed about our fighting troops during the Vietnam War?

That the soldiers of Vietnam were uneducated and were the least privileged young men. This was the most educated fighting force because of the GI Bill!


What does "fragging" mean?

Soldiers killing their superior officers on purpose


What was the name of the massacre that American troops were involved in that ended with the killing of innocent women and children?

My Lai massacre


1Nixon ordered American forces to join with the South Vietnamese in cleaning out the enemy sanctuaries in ________________ which will lead to great protests.



Because of the leaking of the "secret" bombing of Cambodia this protest took place at an Ohio University in 1970 which saw National Guard troop's fire upon students and killing four.

Kent State University


This act will be passed after the Vietnam War limiting the Presidents power when sending troops into combat situations.

War Powers Act of 1973


According to the Act in question #20 the President of the United States must follow what steps when he deploys troops abroad.

Must inform Congress within 48 hours of deployment, Can only be deployed for 60 days (unless extended by Congress), must be returned if Congress requests.


This Amendment to the Constitution will be ratified in 1971 because of the Vietnam War?

26th Amendment


It will be in the spring of 1971 that the New York Times will publish these papers which explained our Vietnam policy to that point.

Pentagon Papers


What SCOTUS case allowed the paper to publish these papers?

New York Times v. United States


Nixon will "Open the Door" again with this Communist country, which is ironic because Nixon was vehemently anti-communists in the 1950s?



This policy will be ushered in when Nixon is able to relax tension between the United States and China.



The United States used this type of diplomacy to win success in China (Forrest Gump)?

Ping-pong diplomacy


__________________ diplomacy will be used when _____________________ will be sent to Paris to try and end US intervention in the Vietnam War.

Shuttle Diplomacy; Henry Kissinger


What two nations signed the SALT agreement and what did the SALT agreement deal with?

Strategic Arms Limitations Talks between Soviets and US. They said they would freeze the numbers of long-range nuclear missiles for five years.


This SCOTUS decision in 1965 struck down a state law that prohibited the use of contraceptives, even among married couples.

Griswold v. Connecticut


In this SCOTUS decision in 1963 the Court set the precedent that all defendants must be given a lawyer for a jury trial.

Gideon v. Wainwright


This 1966 SCOTUS case established the rules by which police officers must inform people of their rights when being arrested.

Miranda v. Arizona


This SCOTUS case discontinued school prayer in 1962?

Engel v. Vitale


This SCOTUS case prohibited the bible from being read in public schools during school time by teachers.

School District of Abington Township v. Schempp (1963)


This SCOTUS will legalize abortion in 1973?

Roe v. Wade


Nixon will increase appropriations (funds) to which entitlements given by the government to people?

Food Stamps and Medicaid, Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC)—helped to separate mothers from fathers.


What did Nixon's Philadelphia Plan of 1969 try and do for construction-trade unions?

Wanted the unions to establish "goals and timetables" for the hiring of black apprentices.


This SCOTUS case will rule quotes illegal in the admittance of minorities to Universities, but it will allow goals for the Universities.

Bakke v. University of California at Davis


Which book will be authored by Rachel Carson which will say that pesticides are extremely poisonous and was known as a modern day muckraker? What will be the consequence of this book on the Continent of Africa?

Silent Spring; Millions will die because DDT will be banned and more will dies of malaria.


What two federal regulatory agencies will be created by the Nixon administration and stood on the front lines to battle environmental issues?

EPA (Environment Protection Agency) and OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration)


What were the election results of the 1972 presidential election (Watergate will not be needed)?

Nixon won in an overwhelming landslide (losing only Massachusetts and DC—17 votes to Nixon's 520)


What were Nixon's goals for US withdrawal from Vietnam?

Peace with Honor


Who were the "Plumbers" and what were they involved in?

They were the men who broke into the Democrat's national headquarters in the Watergate Hotel in June 1972. They were trying to find secrets and advantages which the President could use against the Democrats.


This campaign organization was able to raise tens of millions of dollars to help try and re-elect Richard Nixon in 1972.

CREEP (Committee to RE-Elect the President)


What will be the "smoking gun" in the Watergate scandal?

The presidents taped messages in the White House discussing the break-in. Johnson had put voice recorders into the Oval Office and they recorded the conversations of Nixon and his involvement in the Watergate break-in.


What privilege did Richard Nixon claim when he refused to turn over the Watergate tapes? What scandal did the Obama administration claim the same privilege in June 2012?

He had executive privilege; Fast and Furious


What did SCOTUS case US v. Nixon say?

That the president did not have executive privilege concerning these tapes.


Why did Nixon's Vice-President resign in 1974?

He had some income tax evasion troubles.


Who will be appointed by Nixon to be Vice-President and confirmed by the Senate?

Gerald R. Ford


What will be the consequence of the SCOTUS decision in question #45?

Nixon will resign the presidency on August 9, 1974


Ten days after Spiro Agnew's resignation came this famous Massacre, where Nixon ordered the firing of Archibald Cox the "special prosecutor" investigating Watergate and then accepted the resignations of the attorney general and the deputy attorney general.

"Saturday Night Massacre"


Why did many Arab nations begin an oil embargo against the United States in 1973?

Because we backed Israel in the Yom Kippur war


Who will become president when Richard Nixon resigns in August 1974? What's unique about his presidency?

Gerald Ford; only unelected president


What controversial move will Nixon's successor make, which will doom his bid for election in 1976?

Pardoned Nixon—our long nightmare is finally over.


What are the consequences for the loss in the Vietnam War?

Lost face in the eyes of foreigners, lost its own self-esteem, lost confidence in its military prowess, lost economic muscle, showed our enemies that we will not stay in a battle too long.


This constitutional amendment will fall three states short of ratification in 1982 which would have said that discrimination based upon sex was unconstitutional.



What woman was responsible for stopping the ratification of the constitutional amendment discussed in #56?

Phyllis Schlafly


What was the name of the Native American group which will seize the island of Alcatraz in 1970 along with a village at Wounded Knee, South Dakota—trying to fight for equality?

American Indian Movement


Who will be elected President of the US in 1976 on the promise "I'll never lie to you"?

Jimmy Carter


In 1966 Betty Friedan co-founded this women's group to push for equality for women in the United States.



What was the pinnacle of the Carter administration?

Camp David Accords in 1978 between Anwar Sadat of Egypt and Menachem Begin saying that Egypt would recognize Israel and would not attack anymore.


What Central American project did Jimmy Carter giveaway the rights to, but it was not turned over to the Panamanian people until the year 2000?

Panama Canal


What country will the Soviet invade in 1980 which will become their Vietnam?



This incident will be the low point of low points during the Carter administration.

When our hostages were taken prisoner for 444 day by the country of Iran, because we had backed the Shah of Iran since 1953.


What unprecedented move did Carter make in 1979 because he felt a changed was needed because of the lack luster job they had been doing?

Fired four cabinet secretaries


Who was the leader of Iran in 1979?

Ayatollah Khomeini


What will be Jimmy Carters reaction to the Soviets invasion of Afghanistan in 1979?

Boycotted the Summer Olympics in Moscow


Who will come to the rescue (according the Mr. Hjort) in 1980, and will bring hope back to the United States?

Ronald Reagan


What Olympic moment will give the United States a boost in 1980? Why?

USA hockey team wins defeats the Soviet Union and goes on to win the Gold Medal