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World War II: Part 3

Mere hours after Pearl Harbor, the Japanese bombed a ton of pacific islands, conquering much of the pacific isles. After the pacific showdown was over, the Battle of Stalingrad took place, leaving tens of thousands to die from countless different sources. It was around this time that the allies invaded Normandy on D-Day(June 6), and reclaimed French land, using the high cliffs as cover to climb into the city undetected.


World War II: Part 4

After D-Day, things started looking up, with a victory at the Battle of the Bulge. With pressure from both Russia and the allies, the Third Reich was running on borrowed time, and Hitler knew this. He and his wife committed suicide on April 30, at 3:30 pm. The Third Reich lasted but a week. The Japanese were not satisfied, though, and kept pestering the US, until, on August 6, 1945, two bombs were dropped on the Japanese mainland.


The Start of the Cold War

The Cold War was started in 1945 by meetings in Yalta and Potsdam by the three world powers. President Truman, not wanting a third world war, tried to keep Communism contained rather than to oppose it. Government agencies formed to help in the Cold War include the Air Force, the CIA, and the Department of Defense. In addition, twelve countries formed NATO, essentially an assistance and protection pact.