Maternal-NB Unit: ATI Ch 5 Nutrition During Pregnancy

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Recommended weight gain during pregnancy

usually 11.3 to 15.9 kg (25 to 35 lb)


The general rule: Weights

Clients should gain

  • 1 to 2 kg (2.2 to 4.4 lb) during the first trimester
  • Approximately 0.5 kg (1 lb) per week for the last two trimesters.

Underweight clients are advised to gain

  • 12.7 to 18.1 kg (28 to 40 lb)

Overweight clients

  • 6.8 to 11.3 kg (15 to 25 lb).

Nursing assessment includes:

  1. Obtain subjective and objective dietary information
  2. Determine the client’s caloric intake

Nursing assessment/subjective and objective dietary information

● Journal of the client’s food habits, eating pattern, and cravings
● Nutrition-related questionnaires
● Health history, including contraceptive history, previous pregnancies, chronic diseases
● The client’s weight on first prenatal visit and follow-up visits
● Laboratory findings (Hgb, iron levels)


Nursing assessment/Determine the client’s caloric intake

  • Have the client record everything eaten during a 24-hr period.
  • The nurse, dietitian, or client can identify the caloric value of each item
  • This record can provide better objective data about the client’s nutrition status.

Plan of care for a pregnant client

Expected outcomes

  • The client will consume the recommended dietary allowances/
    nutrients during their pregnancy.

Evaluation of the plan

  • Is there adequate weight gain?
  • Is the client compliant with the nursing plan of care?


  • Assess the client’s dietary journal during prenatal visits.
  • Provide educational materials regarding nutritional benefits
    to the mother and their newborn.
  • Encourage the patient to ask questions regarding their dietary plans.
  • Obtain weight and assess for inadequate weight gain.
  • Make a referral if needed.