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  1. If you need to smell a chemical, you should:

a.Place the tube close to your nose and inhale deeply.

b.Take a breath of air and fan the vapors toward you.

c. Put some of the chemical in your hand and smell it.

d.Place the tube under your lab partner’s nose and let him or her smell it.

b.Take a breath of air and fan the vapors toward you.


2. If a chemical is spilled on the table:

a.Clean it up right away.

b. Let the stockroom personnel clean it up

c. Leave it alone and continue your work.

d. Let it evaporate if it is volatile.

a.Clean it up right away.


3. The safest way to dilute concentrated acid is to add…

a. A series of small volumes of water to the acid while stirring.

b. The acid to water slowly, while stirring constantly.

c. The acid to a small volume of water and then add more water.

d. Dilute acid to a small volume of the concentrated acid.

b. The acid to water slowly, while stirring constantly.


4. When you have taken too much of a chemical, you should:

a. Return the excess to the reagent bottle.

b. Store it in lab locker for future use.

c. Discard it in proper disposal containers.

d. Pour it down the sink.

c. Discard it in proper disposal containers.


5. Approved eye protection is to be worn:

a. For certain experiments only.

b. For hazardous experiments only.

c. Only when the teacher says so.

d. All the time.

d. All the time.


6. An object that has actual mass of 5.2 g. Three different people got these values: 5.8 g, 4.4 g& 4.6 g. Is these measurements accurate, precise, both or neither?


b. precise

c. both

d. neither

d. neither


7. How many significant figures do the following numbers have:


b. 0.00980

c. 1.2 x 102

d. 1.0100

a.102000- 3

b. 0.00980- 3

c. 1.2 x 102-2

d. 1.0100- 5


8. Convert the following to scientific notation: 0.0000564

a.5.64 x 10-5

b. 5.6 x 105

c. 56 x 105

d. 5.64 x 10-4

a.5.64 x 10-5


9. Perform the following calculation and write your answer in scientific notation using significant digit rules.

1.0750 m x 38.5 m =

a. 4.14x 10 1 m2

b. 4.14 x 10 -1m2

c. 41.38 x10 1 m2

d. 41.38 x 10 -1 m2

a. 4.14x 10 1 m2


10. Which of the following describes a chemical change?

a. Grinding copper (II) sulfate crystals into powder

b. Burning wood

c. Dissolving salt in water

d. Evaporation of water from a puddle

b. Burning wood


11. Chicken noodle soup would be an example of a _____________.

a. Compound

b. Element

c. Homogeneous mixture

d. Heterogeneous mixture

d. Heterogeneous mixture


12. A piece of tin metal has a volume of 12 cm3. If the piece measures 26g, what is the density of the metal?

a. 5.0 g/ cm3

b. 0.46g/ cm3

c. 2.2 g/ cm3

d. 6.20 g/ cm3

c. 2.2 g/ cm3


13. A liquid freezes at 37°C. What is the freezing point on the 0 F scale?

a. 900 F

b. 99 0 F

c. 78 0 F

d. 90 0F

b. 99 0 F


14. The formula for mono sulfur tetra phosphide :

a. SP3

b. SP4

c. S4P


b. SP4


15. The chemical name for SrSO3

a. Strontium sulfide c. Strontium trisulfite

b. Strontium (II) sulfite d. Strontium sulfite

d. Strontium sulfite


16. Which of the following elements is incorrectly paired?

a.chlorine-noble gases

b. fluorine-halogens

c. copper-transition metals

d. magnesium-alkaline earth metals

a.chlorine-noble gases


17. Metals are good conductors of heat and tend to

a. be brittle

b. lack luster

c. be malleable

d. have poor electrical conductivity

c. be malleable


18.Identify the coefficients needed to balance the following equation?

___K(s) + ___H2O(l) → ___ KOH (aq) + ___H2(g)

a. 2,2,2,1 b. 2,1,1,2 c. 1,1,2,2 d. 1,2,2,1

a. 2,2,2,1


19. Sodium nitrite is commonly used in processed meat as a preservative. It preserves the red to pink color in meats and delays the development of botulism. Find the percent composition of nitrogen in sodium nitrite.

a. 20.30%

b. 46.38%

c. 33.32%

d. 69.00%

a. 20.30%


20. How many molecules of sulfur dioxide (SO2) are present in 3.5 moles of sulfur dioxide?

a. 102.1 x 101

b. 2.1x 1024

c. 3.8 x 1023

d. 7.6x 101

b. 2.1x 1024


21. How many moles are contained in 138 grams of nitrogen dioxide?

a.3.00 moles

b. 6.00 moles

c. 12.0 moles

d. 16.0 moles

a.3.00 moles


22. If 1.00 mole of krypton gas exerts a pressure of 1.00 atm at 1000 c, what is the volume of the gas? ( R = 0.0821 L.atm/ mol.K )

a.2.20 mL

b. 8.21 L

c.12.2 L

d. 30.6L

d. 30.6L


23. A 5.00 L volume of methane gas is cooled from 298 K to 149 K. If the pressure remains constant, what is the final volume?

a. 6.50 L

b. 2.56 L

c. 2.50 L

d. 50.56 L

c. 2.50 L


24. Which of the following is the correct Lewis dot structure for HF?

H-F .. .. ..


35. Draw the Lewis dot structure of Carbon disulfide & identify the molecular shape, bond angle hybridization of the molecule?

a. Tetrahedral,90 0, sp

b. Linear, 180 0, sp

c. Bent, 120 0, sp

d. trigonal planar, 90 0, sp

b. Linear, 180 0, sp