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The Scottish Covenanters

The Scottish Covenanters were Presbyterians from Scotland who signed a Covenant of faith stating that Christ alone was the head of the church. In 1661, Charles II began persecuting the Scottish Covenanters by officially making himself the head of the Church of Scotland, both for political power and to avenge his father.


K'ang-Hsi the Manchu and the Ch'ing Dynasty

K'ang-Hsi, who wasn't actually Chinese, was the second emperor of the Ch'ing dynasty of China. Son of Shun-Chih, who the first ruler of the Ch'ing dynasty, he began ruling in 1662 at only age 8. He lead the last dynasty of China.


Sir Issac Newton

Sir Issac Newton was arguably one of the best scientists of all time. In 1666, at only age 24, he formulated many revolutionary concepts that are still used today. He took his final breath at age 85 and was buried in the fashion of a king at Westminster Abbey.