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Who wrote "Yellow Wallpaper"?

Charlotte Gilman (fun fact: wrote story while she was on bed rest/depressed and is the only short story she has written)


What are the characters in "Yellow Wallpaper"?

John (controlling husband; treats her kind of like a child), Jane (the sick mom), Mary/Jennie (caretakers)


What is the meaning of "Yellow Wallpaper"?

the meaning is unclear and has quite some debate in literature history, but it is mainly about post-partum depression and being driven crazy with boredom. the bars on the wall might actually be just shadows from the window bars and the woman might just be her shadow?


Who wrote Daisy Miller?

Henry James


What happens in Daisy Miller part I?

A man named winterborne is sitting outside and runs into a little boy with no teeth. they realize they're both Americans. then the little boys sister (daisy) comes up to them. she mentions how she wishes to see a castle before they leave for italy and winterborne agrees to go with her


Who are the characters of Daisy Miller?

winterborne (whose telling the story), Randolph Miller (the little boy with no teeth), Daisy Miller (randy's older sister), Eugenio (courier/tour guide of time), Mrs. Costello (winterbornes aunt), mrs. walker is some lady from geneva who winterborne is close with


What happens in Daisy Miller part II?

winterborne and daisy do this little dance with both of their families (aunt/mother/courier) about whether or not daisy is to go with him; they end up going and he mentions how he's leaving for Geneva the next day and she is furious (he mentions how a young lady has never shown such true aggitations at him) and then they go back; aunt shocked that she went with him alone ("and that is the young person you wanted me to know!")


What happens in Daisy Miller part III?

they're all in italy and winterborne goes to see daisy with his aunt Mrs. Walker. they have this debate as a group of if daisy should go to the park to see Giovanelli; winterborne walks with her and mrs. walker follows them in a carriage trying to convince her that it's dangerous for her reputation. daisy obviously doesn't care and then they go walking and he uses her parasol to hide what they're doing on a bench


What happens in Daisy Miller part IV?

basically everyone talks shit about daisy and winterborne clearly has feelings for her, because he feels really bad when ppl are too harsh when describing her questionable behavior.


What happens in the second part of Daisy Miller part IV?

winterborne sees daisy and giovanelli at the colliseum and decides she's not the type of woman he should concern himself with; warns her she will get malaria. she does and dies a week later, and left winterborne a note. giovanelli knows that she was an admirable/innocent women, and that she would have never married him


What happens in "Luck of Roaring Camp"?

A woman named Cherokee Sal gives birth to a baby, but she dies during childbirth. A man named Stumpy decides to take after him as his own, but the whole camp watches after him. During a flood, stumpy dies and the baby Tommy Luck is not to be found, but a rescue boat brings him and Kentuck back to camp. Luck is dead, and Kentuck is dying too but claims that luck is bringing him with him so he has a big smile on his face while he passes


What is the meaning/importance of "Luck of Roaring Camp?

written during the Gold Rush, there is a lot of anti-immigration and white-washing of native americans going on. Luck is at least have native american, but is raised by white men and practices protestant views (such as having a baptism). Although he is raised what is seen as "right" during this time, he still dies. Harte might have chosen this path to represent that his descent/mixed-race causes him to be damned at birth.


Who wrote "Luck of Roaring Camp"?

Bret Harte


Who wrote "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge"?

Ambrose Pierce


What happens in "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" part I?

a man is about to be hung above a river, and four soldiers are there. it mentions the mans ideas of escape, but not much more information. only that he had a wife and children.


What happens in "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" part II?

learn mans name (Peyton Farquhar) and that he is a southern man who follows traditional southern beliefs during this time (slave owner); a federal scout comes up to their house and asks for a drink of water. Mrs. Farquhar gets him one and Mr. Farquhar asks what is occuring in the war. He is informed that the union is fixing the railroads and that any person near them will be hung


What happens in "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" Part III?

entirely his imagination of the noose breaking, his crazy escape from endless shooting, going through a forrest, and ending up on a path to see his wife/children. very ending is that he has died from the hanging and never escaped at all.


What is the meaning of "An Occurrence at Owl Creek"?

kind of sounds like scientific research of a persons thoughts before death


What happens in "Chickamagua"?

a kid whose basically deaf/mute gets lost and ends up in the middle of a civil war battle at Chickamagua; once he finally gets away from this traumatic experience he finds his death mother (from the battle); the story jumps from reality to the boy thinking he is playing a game


What is the meaning of "Chickamagua"

being a union soldier, bierce might have been trying to expose the reality of the civil war (all it's nasty bits); having a child think he is playing a game could repersent how many rich southerners initated the war by claiming it is merely for southern pride (not a reality)


Who wrote "Chickamagua"?

Ambrose Bierce


What happens in "Desiree's Baby"?

a woman named Desiree has a baby with her husband Armand who seems to be of mixed race; Desiree is apparently adopted, so they are unsure and Armand disowns her. She walks off to go back to her mother with the baby and he never sees her again.


What is the meaning of "Desiree's Baby"?

highlights the impact of the slavery system/racism in the South. they were super in love and then once he finds out that she might not be purely white, he finds her and their baby the ultimate disgrace


Who wrote "Desiree's Baby"?

Kate Chopin


Who are the main characters in "Desiree's Baby"?

Desiree and her husband, Armand


Who wrote "A White Heron"?

Sarah Orne Jewett


What happens in "A White Heron" part I?

Sylvia is looking for her old cow and then a hunter approaches her, saying he is lost and needs somewhere to spend the night. despite being scared of him, she leads him to her/grandmothers home. while they're chatting at her house, he asks if she has seen a white heron. she has, but it was a fond memory for her, so she holds her tongue. the next day, she goes with him while he hunts and develops a crush on him.


What happens in "A White Heron" part II?

Sylvia goes to this tall oak tree while it is still dark and finds the heron, but in the morning when her grandmother and the hunter are calling for her, she can't bring herself to say where the heron is. forever, she wonders if she made the right decision of silence.


What is the meaning of "A White Heron"?

potentially about nature; the white heron is rare and sits with her for a moment, so it could be her picking the companionship/loyalty of nature over that of humans/destruction


Who are the characters in "A New England Nun"?

Louisa Ellis, Joe Dagget (fiance), Cesar (dog), Lily Dyer (who joe loves/his mothers aid),


What happens in "A New England Nun"?

louisa and joe have been engaged for 14 years, but joe has been away in australia for that time. he comes back and they both find they are not in love with one anther, but both feel they must continue on with their marriage. joe is actually in love with lily (his moms aid) and louisa hears them discussing that, but how he must honor his engagement. louisa calls it off and is sad, but wakes up quite relieved.


What does the Canary represent in "A New England Nun"?

the frantic flapping of it's wings represents louisa on the inside and how joe's frantic and non-female/nun/organized lifestyle brings her distress


What does the chained dog represent in "A New England Nun"?

represents their engagement and how they feel stuck to it


Who wrote "A New England Nun"?

Mary E.W. Freeman


What happens in chapter 1 of Huck Finn?

learn about main characters, finn gets lessons on hell vs. heaven and how he wishes to be in hell so he can be with tom sawyer. is laying in bed after night prayers and hears a meow, meows back and it's tom waiting for him outside


What happens in chapter 2 of Huck Finn?

tom and huck play a joke on jim the slave by resting his hat above the tree he is sleeping upon. the next day, jim is bragging to the other slaves about how a witch came and did it, in addition to the devil leaving him a 5 cent piece to protect him from sickness. then they sneak off to a cave and talk about stupid pervy little boy shit. one bitches out, but they convince him not to snitch with a 5 cent piece. they agree to meet up again, but not on a sunday because that's fucked up lol the irony


Who are the characters in Huck Finn?

huck, tom sawyer (bestie), miss watson (bad cop), widow douglas (good cop), jim (slave), judge thatcher, pap (shit dad)


What happens in chapter 3 of Huck Finn?

miss watson and widow douglas explain to huck was prayers are. after a few of his are not answered, huck does not see the point. douglas explains how they don't work instantly like that, and huck decides that if douglas' god would take him he would like to worship that one. they think his dad is dead, but it's not him and the gang ends.


What happens in chapter 4 of Huck Finn?

judge thatcher comes to collect his deeds from huck. jim says he's seen hucks dad, but needs money to talk. jim gives him a fake quarter and then says that he sad 2 angels one black/good one white/bad and that he's fine though. uses a hairball which probably serves as some racial stereotype/superstition of the time


What happens in chapter 5 of Huck Finn?

classic alcoholic dad shows up, raises hell by being pissed that his son learns to read and is dirt poor but less dirt poor than him. judge thatcher and widow douglas try to gain custody of huck, but judge sticking with classics and gives to his shitty father merely becasue he's his father, even though he ends up in jail like a day later for a drunken spree.


What happens in chapter 6 of Huck Finn?

pap threatens to sue judge thatcher from "keeping hucks money from him" and learns that he has higher chance of winning the MoNeY than getting custody of huck... huck is not supposed to go to school but does it anyways. his dad kidnaps him, locks him in some cabin, so huck finds an old saw and right when he was about to escape his dad comes back plastered, chases him around with a knife and calls him the "Angel of Death". he passes out and huck watches him sleep with a rifle at his head.


What happens in chapter 31 of Huck Finn?

riding along raft with jim, the duke, and the dauphin (conmen). the duke basically sold jim to a guy named Silas phelps and after a mental debate in his head of what is right/wrong/sinful, huck decides he is going to "steal jim out of slavery"


Who wrote "The Wife of His Youth"?

Charles Chestnutt


What happens in "The Wife of His Youth" part 1?

we meet Mr. Ryder, a main leader of the Blue Vein Society, and Mrs. Molly Dixon, the woman he is in love with. He wants to propose to her, so he's planning a huge ball. Towards the end of the section, he mentions how lightskinned ppl need to be with other lightskinned ppl, which further explains why he likes her so much.


What happens in "The Wife of His Youth" part 2?

A woman named Liza Jane comes to visit Mr. Ryder and asks about her husband Sam Taylor, whom she married during slavery.


What happens in "The Wife of His Youth" part 3?

Find out at the dinner party, after he asks his guest what he should have done, that Liza is his the wife of his youth and he is sam Taylor.


What is the meaning of "The Wife of His Youth"?

challenges not merely white vs. black, but racial problems within the black community. this man is comtemplating whether he should be with his past wife, because she is "more black" and considered a step backwards in his eyes


Who wrote "Talma Gordon"?

Pauline Hopkins


What happens in "Talma Gordon"?

Talma/jeanette are Captain Gordons daughters from a previous marriage, who are found to be somewhat-black (made obvious from their dead brother). Captain Gordon remarries, but gives money to son Jonathon in will. Night during Talma's engagement party, new wife, captain, and baby son die. Ends up being Cameron, who killed captain in honor of his father, who captain killed on an island like a pirate. People wonder what happened to Talma, and she ended up marrying Cameron.


Who wrote "Roman Fever"?

Basically Mrs. Slade wrote a fake love letter from her after husband (not then) saying Mrs. Ansley should meet her at the coliseum. She was intimidated by her, and wanted her to get sick and find that Delphin was not there (in hopes of her losing feelings for him). Ansley. roasts back by saying that she responded to the letter, so he did come to the coliseum AND barbara is actually his daughter as well.


Who is the more interesting mom in "Roman Fever"?

mrs. slade believes she is more exciting and that mrs. ansley is dull


Which is the quiet and more boring daughter in "Roman Fever"?

Jenny (mrs. slade's and delphin's daughter)


Which is the most interesting and animated daughter in "Roman Fever"?

Barbara (mrs. Ansley and "horaces", but really delphin's daughter)


What is the meaning of "Roman Fever"?

basically questions the competition that occur between women, the fakeness of high society, and the false aspects of nostalgia (all ended up being a lie).