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The images are striking, but are far from the reality of modern zoos, where conservation comes first, and fairground- style animal rides have long been banished.

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Zoos all over the world provide their visitors with unique opportunities to learn and experience the wildlife from all different habitats.

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When the 2013 film 'Blackfish' highlighted the story of Tilikum, a captive orca that killed a trainer, it spurred widespread anger over the confinement of the whales by companies like SeaWorld. There were months of news articles. Angry musicians refused to perform for SeaWorld’s parks.

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The Giza zoo found itself facing that unusual question in 2013, when a baby giraffe called Roqa reportedly took its own life after being harassed by visitors.

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If you have the money, it's easy to go on a safari in Africa, take a whale-watching cruise off Alaska. But if you don't have the money, what, you're just out of luck and have to wait for Shark Week?

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