Ch 5. Campaigns & Elections

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Governing Texas
Chapter 5
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In Modern elections, candidates increasingly rely on which of the following to communicate information to voters?

Social Media such as FB & Twitter


Most voters in TX learn about candidates for office through

Television Ads


According to studies, negative commercials

draw voter preference away from the candidate being attacked


Organizations created to collect and distribute contributions to political campaigns are referred to as

political action committees


Which of the following statements regarding the Campaign Reform Act of 2002 is false?

None of its provisions have been overturned by the Supreme Court.


In which case did the Supreme Court overturn a ban on unlimited independent expenditures made by corporations, unions,and nonprofit organizations in federal elections?

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission(2010)


Independent, expenditure only committees that may raise unlimited sums of money to support or oppose political candidates are known as

Super PACS


Which of the following is not true of TX campaign finance regulations for state offices?

There are no disclosure requirements by candidates.


TXs Latino and African American populations combined comprise

more than half of the state's total population


La Raza Unida Party was founded by several Latino leaders in order to

field candidates for office and mobilize Mexican American voters.


Which of the following is the most likely reason that La Raza Unida did not continue to be politically effective?

The TX Democratic Party has adopted issues appealing to Hispanic voters.


By 2015, Texans had elected Latino candidates to which offices?

The state Supreme Court, US Senate, US House, and TX legislature.


What percentage of TX African American citizens say that they are Democrats?



Prior to 1990, how many women had been elected to statewide office in Texas?



The first openly gay mayor of a major US city was

Annise Parker, sworn in as mayor of Houston in 2010.


The increased presence of women in policy making positions has resulted in such changes as

increased punishments for family violence and sexual abuse of children


Which of the following is not a reason that fewer women than men seek elected office?

Women are not allowed to run for elected office unless they have completed a graduate degree.


The principal political activity of most Texans consist of

voting in elections


The ability of almost all citizens 18 years of age and older to vote is referred to as

universal suffrage


Literacy tests were implemented to ensure

minorities could not vote.


Protection of the right to vote for African Americans was the intention behind which amendments to the U.S. Constitution ?

14th & 15th


In the U.S. Supreme Court cas of Guinn v. U.S. (1915) , the court ruled that

the grandfather clause was illegal


Which of the following was not a device used in TX to prevent many lower income persons and blacks from voting after the Civil War?

Grandfather Clause


Which U.S. amendment prevents states from requiring payment of a poll tax , as a condition for voting?

24 Amendment


Why was the white primary so effective at preventing minorities from exercising their right to vote?

White Democrats nominated white candidates who virtually always won the general election in the south.


In the case of Smith v. Allwright, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the

white only primary elections in TX


Manipulating legislative district lines to favor a political party or group is referred to as



In which of the following cases did the Supreme Court disallow racial gerrymandering?

Shaw v. Reno (1993)


In TX, the responsibility of redistricting rest with the

state legislature


As a result of the Shelby v. Holder case , the state of TX

is no longer required to obtain preclearance from the U.S. Department of Justice for its electoral district maps


Which of the following are not now required by the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and its subsequent amendments?

A formula for determining which jurisdictions need preclearance from the U.S. Department of Justice.


A political district from which two or more representatives are elected is

an at large majority district


The amendments to the US Constitution that prohibited the states from denying the vote due to race was the

15th Amendment


Which of the following amendments to the U.S. Constitution broadened the franchise , extending the right to vote to new groups?

15th, 19th, & 25th Amendments


The primary purpose of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 ( Motor Voter Law) was to

require states to make voter registration available at driver licensing, military recruitment , welfare and disability offices


Which of the following accurately describes trends in suffrage in the United States?

Voting rights have steadily expanded and there has been a movement toward uniformity of voting politics.


Compared to the rest of the country , voter turn out in TX is

lower than the national average


Low voter turn out in TX is attributed to all of the following except

the repeal of laws that expanded suffrage.


Of the various socioeconomic factors that influence voter turnout, which is considered the strongest?



Among the key factors that affect voter turnout are

income, age, gender, and ethnicity


In order to be qualified to vote in TX, one must meet all of the following qualifications except the

a two year resident of the state


A TX citizens status as a registered voter is suspended if she

changes her permanent address to another county and fails to notify the voting registrar within 3 years.


Which of the following would not be elgible to vote in Texas?

A person who has been declared mentally incompetent by a court of law


According to a recent change in the law n Texas voters must

show a valid photo ID in order to cast a ballot


Early or absentee voting in TX for general elections begins how many days prior to the actual date for the election?

17 days


The basic geographic area for conducting national, state, district, and county elections is the

voting precinct


Voting precincts in the 254 TX counties are drawn by

the county commissioners courts


Preparing the official ballot for general elections is done by the county

clerk or elections administrator


Which type of voting system is no longer used by any TX counties?

Punchcard ballots


A major requirement of the 1975 extensions of the Voting Rights Act is that ballots in all TX counties must be



An election in which party members choose a candidate to run for office in a general election is a

primary election


The purpose of a general election is to

elect office holders


In order to obtain a primary nomination in TX a candidate must receive what part of the popular vote?

An absolute majority


A primary system in which voters must declare their party affilation when they register to vote is referred to as a

closed primary


The main reason for the development of direct primaries was

decreasing the domination of party bosses and allowing more participation by party members


The TX Election Code requires that primary voters

declare their parte affiliation at the time of voting in the party's primary


The practice of many Texans of voting in the Democratic primary and then voting Republican at the general election

crossover voting


Normally the first primary election in TX is held on the

fist Tuesday in March of even numbered years


Political parties in TX are required to conduct direct primaries if they

received 20% or more of the votes in the most recent gubernatorial election.


The cost of primary elections in TX is paid for by

filing fees charged to candidates , subsidized by state funds


The date of general elections in TX is the

first Tuesday following the first Monday in November of even numbered years


For a candidate to win a general election, she must receive a ________________ of the total votes cast,



The term midterm election refers to those

general elections held in non presidential election years


If a candidate wins a plurality but not a majority of votes cast in a special election in TX

a runoff contest between the two top contenders must be conducted


In TX special elections are called

to fill interim vacancies in legislative and congressional districts


Briefly explain how television and social media have transformed electoral politics

Pg 158-160


Describe the efforts of the Democratic and Republican parties to win the votes of Latinos and African Americans in TX

Pg 166-170


Trace the progress of women in winning electoral office in TX

Pg 166-170


Why have recent redistricting efforts in TX been so controversial?



How are primary elections funded in TX?

Pg 191


Describe how potential voters in TX learn about candidates and issues. What appear to be the primary factors in voter choices(deciding who to vote for) Do you think voters get accurate and unbiased information ? How might voters become better informed?

Pg 158- 160


Describe what candidates in TX must do to run a successful campaign for office. Include in your discussion a consideration of the need to both raise funds and communicate with voters. Explain one reform that might improve the system , or explain why you think the system needs no reform.

pg 158-165


Why are Latinos such an important factor in TX electoral politics? What progress have they made in electoral politics and what obstacles still remain to exercising their political power? How do you thing the growing Latino population will change elections in TX in the future?

Pg 166-169


Explain how considerations of race and ethnicity factor into elections in TX. Are traditional minorities adequately represented in the voting population? What steps have been taken to address this issue? Do you think additional steps are necessary ?



Describe the historical progress made by women seeking elected office in TX. What challenges doe female candidates still face in running for office? What might be done to increase the representation of women in state government? Why might it be important for women to be more equally represented?

Pg 170-171


Why is voter turnout so low in Tx? What steps have been taken to increase voter turnout , and what further steps do you think might be taken? Do you vote?Explain why or why not

Pg 176-179


Discuss differences in voting behavior among groups in TX. Which groups vote more than others and why? What might be done to make voting rates more equal among the various groups in TX?

Pg 178-179


Describe the official qualifications to register and vote in the state of TX. What changes would you suggest to the official qualifications and why? If you would not suggest any changes, explain why you think TX has the best possible voter qualification requirements/

Pg 179-181


Describe the provision in the TX Election Code relating to the conducting , financing, and scheduling for primary, general and special elections.

Pg 186-192


Discuss the 3 types of elections , etc, primary, general and special . Explain the purpose of each and describe how each is administered and regulated . Describe when they occur.

pg 188-192