Workbook/Laboratory Manual to accompany Portafolio, Volume 2: Lo último en español

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Alicia Ramos, Robert L. Davis - 2008 - 200 pages

ISBN: 007721613X, 9780077216139

The Portafolio de actividades follows the organization of the textbook and provides additional review and practice of vocabulary and grammatical structures. In addition, each chapter of the Portafolio de actividades begins with Repaso y anticipación which recycles previously studied vocabulary and g...rammar items in preparation for the current chapter’s work. The final section, Portafolil cultural, allows students to expand upon the material presented in the corresponding textbook chapter. Some tasks stress observation, analysis, and comparison of texts and realia; others focus on developing knowledge of content through web-based or library research; and still others provide students with free-writing tasks. Instructors may assign any number of these activities, which students may turn in with their workbook or assemble into a portfolio to be collected and assessed at the end of the term. Volume 1 of this combination workbook/laboratory manual contains Capítulos 1-8. Volume 2 contains Capítulos 8-15.

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Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education


foreign language study, spanish, language arts & disciplines, study & teaching

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