Loose Leaf for M: Management Flashcards

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Robert Konopaske, Thomas S Bateman, Scott A Snell - 2019 - 864 pages

ISBN: 1260485242, 9781260485240

M: Management 6e was written from the ground up to be brief, lean, and flexible enough to enable you to cover just the topics you want at the level of depth you desire, while still maintaining the integrity of the content. Plus, it delivers a variety of real management examples and inspiring green a...nd career-oriented boxes to engage today’s students. With market-leading teaching support and the most up-to-date content available, M: Management represents the best value available in the brief Principles of Management market. What sets Bateman/Snell/Konopaske apart? An unrivaled mixture of student-focused current content and the best teaching support around.

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Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education


business & economics, training, management

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