Introduction to the Human Body

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Gerard J. Tortora, Bryan H. Derrickson - 2011 - 2 pages

ISBN: 0470598921, 9780470598924

The 9th edition of Tortora's Introduction to the Human Body 8e provides basic content, focused design, and relevant connections about the essentials of anatomy and physiology. All chapters are focused on the essential structure and functions of the human body needed for a basic understanding of home...ostasis. The concise narrative is paired with outstanding illustrations, many newly revised for this edition, that help keep readers fully engaged with the topic at hand. Dynamic animations of key physiological processes as well as interactive anatomy reviews are fully integrated when the content is introduced in WileyPLUS.The new edition also features fully updated Clinical Connections that provide relevance to help understand what happens when homeostasis is disrupted, and providing insights into the content and knowledge to come in their allied health curriculum. The popular feature - Focus on Wellness - is completely updated with new content and topics. A pedagogical design is reflected in both printed text and WileyPLUS and clear learning objectives along with checkpoint questions for practice and review bookend each focused section of content within a chapter.

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Publisher: Wiley


medical, anatomy, physiology, science, life sciences, biology, human anatomy & physiology

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