Social Development

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Ross D. Parke, Alison Clarke-Stewart - 2010 - 618 pages

ISBN: 0470599057, 9780470599051

This new text provides psychologists with a comprehensive, scholarly, engaging, and up-to-date treatment of theoretical insights and empirical findings in the field of social development. It conveys the excitement of recent advances along with the accumulated knowledge that forms the basis of the fi...eld. The Research Up Close feature examines a single study or set of studies in more detail to provide them with a fuller appreciation of the methodological complexities of research. Examples are presented on how basic science is translated into real-world applications. Cultural Context sections demonstrate how culture shapes the behaviors and beliefs of children and adults. Psychologists will also gain a better understanding of cultural variation, both among societies around the world and within our own society.

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Publisher: Wiley


psychology, developmental, lifespan development

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