Medical Terminology: Mastering the Basics

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Cindy Destafano, Fran Federman - 2014 - 312 pages

ISBN: 1619605848, 9781619605848

Medical Terminology: Mastering the Basics is an integrated worktext-and-multimedia program that delivers an activity-oriented approach to teaching the word elements and terms that future healthcare specialists need to know to achieve success in the medical field. Organized by body systems, the workt...ext covers essential root words, prefixes, and suffixes and provides a broad overview of common pathological conditions, diagnostic tests and procedures, and therapeutic treatments. Activities, assessments, and cumulative reviews throughout the text promote skill building and mastery. When students have completed the worktext, they should be able to accurately label basic anatomical diagrams; correctly spell, write, and pronounce common medical terms; build, dissect, and define virtually any new medical term they encounter; identify common medical abbreviations and acronyms; and accurately interpret medical records. A uniquely streamlined learning method encourages mastery of essential medical terminology through hands-on, activity-based learning rather than rote memorization. Dynamic, interactive exercises on the companion and mobile websites reinforce student comprehension by providing valuable practice in identifying, building, and dissecting medical terms. Practical activities, such as medical record interpretation and healthcare internship scenarios, bring real-world relevancy to the subject.

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Publisher: Goodheart-Wilcox Publisher



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