The Developing Person Through the Lifespan

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Kathleen Berger - 2017 - 960 pages

ISBN: 1319015875, 9781319015879

This is the textbook only without LaunchPad.Kathleen Berger’s acclaimed survey of developmental psychology across the life span is up to date, inclusive of cultures from every corner of the globe, and compelling in the way it shows students the everyday relevance of the field’s theories, ideas, and ...discoveries. The book's features include:Extended multicultural coverage, linking together graphics, text, and photographs to tell a visual story about important concepts in life-span development from age structure and development to the impact of adult overweight around the globe'Opposing Perspectives' features asking students to look at both sides of a controversial issue, encouraging critical thinking skills Attention to cultural diversity, highlighting the impact of cultural differences and universals on the values and customs that shape individual developmentApplications-based pedagogy which gets students thinking about the real implications—for themselves and for the world at large—of what they are learningIn this fully updated tenth edition there are hundreds of new research citations, updated activities and new 'Think Critically' questions designed to provoke thought, not simple responses.The Developing Person Through the Lifespan can also be purchased with the breakthrough online resource, LaunchPad, which offers innovative media content, curated and organised for easy assignability. LaunchPad's intuitive interface presents quizzing, flashcards, animations and much more to make learning actively engaging. To order this book bundled with LaunchPad please order package ISBN 9781319000370.

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Publisher: Macmillan Learning



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