Learning Strategies for Health Careers Students

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Susan Marcus Palau, Marilyn Meltzer - 2007 - 349 pages

ISBN: 1416042709, 9781416042709

Dozens of step-by-step strategies help you improve your skills in areas such as reading comprehension, writing, math, and studying. With this book, you'll build your vocabulary, understand basic mathematics and solve word problems, take effective notes, manage study time, and raise your test scores.... You'll also learn to organize your ideas so you can write more clearly and effectively for school and work-related reports.Fifteen reading selections taken from health care textbooks let you practice the strategies you've learned.A variety of exercises offer practice with the same kinds of assignments you'll encounter at school.An answer key allows you to check your work.A vocabulary chapter introduces the medical and non-medical terms you need to know.A glossary offers rapid, at-a-glance access to important terms.

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Publisher: Saunders Elsevier


medical, allied health services

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