Elementary Geometry for College Students

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Alexander, Daniel C. Alexander, Geralyn M. Koeberlein - 2002 - 612 pages

ISBN: 061822176X, 9780618221769

The Third Edition of "Elementary Geometry for College Students" covers the important principles and real-world applications of plane geometry with additional chapters on solid geometry, analytic geometry, and trigonometry. The text' s largely visual approach, strongly influenced by both NCTM and AMA...TYC standards, begins with the presentation of a concept followed by the examination and development of a theory, verification of the theory through deduction, and finally, application of the principles to the real world.Videotapes, professionally produced for this text and hosted by Dana Mosely, offer a valuable resource for further instruction and review."Reminder" marginal notes reinforce theorems or formulas from previous chapters to help students progress through the course.Enhanced Chapter Openers introduce students to the principle notion of the chapter and provide real-world context.

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Publisher: Houghton Mifflin


mathematics, geometry

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