Behavior Modification: What It Is and How To Do It, Tenth Edition

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Garry Martin, Joseph J. Pear - 2015 - 384 pages

ISBN: 1317345835, 9781317345831

Behavior Modification,10/e assumes no specific prior knowledge about psychology or behavior modification on the part of the reader. The authors begin with basic principles and procedures of behavior modification and then provide readers with how-to-skills such as observing and recording. Next, the a...uthors provide advanced discussion and references to acquaint readers with some of the empirical and theoretical underpinnings of the field. Readers will emerge with a thorough understanding of behavior modification in a wide variety of populations and settings.

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Publisher: Psychology Press


family & relationships, life stages, psychology, social psychology, developmental, lifespan development, movements, behaviorism, social science, sociology

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