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Trudy McKee, James Robert McKee - 2019 - 793 pages

ISBN: 0190847603, 9780190847609

Biochemistry: The Molecular Basis of Life is an intermediate, one-semester text written for students on degree pathways in Chemistry, Biology, and other Health and Life Sciences. Designed for students who need a solid introduction to biochemistry, but are not specializing in the subject, thetext foc...uses on essential biochemical principles that underpin the modern life sciences, and offers the most balanced coverage of chemistry and biology of any text on the market. The text equips students with a complete view of the living state, emphasizes problem solving, and applies biochemicalprinciples to the fields of Health, Agriculture, Engineering, and Forensics, to show students the relevance of their learning. McKee and McKee is respected for its balance of biology and chemistry, consistently placing biochemical principles into the context of the physiology of the cell andbiomedical applications.

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Publisher: Oxford University Press

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