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Nutrition Final

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  • 1
    An important role of vitamin K is the synthesis of...?
  • 2
    Which of the following does not describe a function of fat?
    best source of energy for the brain
  • 3
    Common symptoms of food-borne illness include:
    fever, diarrhea, vomiting
  • 4
    A reduced sense of taste is associated with a deficiency of...?
  • 5
    All of the following are primary functions of protein except to:
    Supply more than 40 percent of kcalories in the diet
  • 6
    The main reason for hydrogenating fats is to:
    Change a liquid fat to a solid fat
  • 7
    All of the following are good instructions for preventing food-borne illness except?
    when shopping, select meat, poultry, or fish first
  • 8
    All of the following are true about "nursing bottle syndrome" except
    it is associated with not brushing the infants gums at least 3 times per week.
  • 9
    All of the following are true about folate and pregnancy except
    if pregnant women eat folate rich fruits and vegetables as suggested in the MyPyramid Food Plan they cannot meet their folate needs.
  • 10
    Potassium is found in the largest quantities in
    fruits and vegetables
  • 11
    All of the following are true of B vitamins except
    Are stored in the liver
  • 12
    The incidence of food borne illness is rising because of the following factors except
    increased availability of frozen foods
  • 13
    Which of the following is true about carbohydrate digestion?
    Carbohydrate digestion is assisted by cooking, which softens tough skins.
  • 14
    Infants need fat because it aids in absorption of several vitamins and helps the ________ to develop
    blank: nervous system
  • 15
    Those with lactose intolerance usually can consume all of the following except
    milk shakes made with skim milk
  • 16
    Advantages of breastfeeding include all of the following except
    promotes infants 20/20 vision
  • 17
    All of the following are poor pregnancy practices except
    gaining 25-35 pounds
  • 18
    The safest way to get measurable heart disease risk-reducing benefits from consuming omega-3 fatty acids, would be to:
    eat oily fish, such as salmon, 2 times a week
  • 19
    Which of the following is true about the regulation of the production and sale of vitamin and mineral supplements?
    the FDA doesn't regulate all vitamin and mineral supplements closely.
  • 20
    All of the following should be ommitted from an infants diet except
  • 21
    All of the following are sources of cholesterol except
    Peanut butter
  • 22
    If the diet is lacking an essential amino acid, what will be the course of action?
    Protein synthesis will be limited
  • 23
    During pregnancy, it is particularly important to make sure to consume adequate
    essential fatty acids-- linoleic acid (omega-6) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3)
  • 24
    If a person does not eat enough carbohydrate to supply the glucose the body needs, which of the following will happen?
    The liver will convert amino acids to glucose
  • 25
    A goiter may form as a consequence of an inadequate intake of
  • 26
    All of the following contribute to the total energy expenditure except
    energy content of food
  • 27
    Which of the following is not true of dietary fiber?
    They are absorbed in the large intestine.
  • 28
    All of the following are characteristic of Type 2 diabetes except
    it's the least common form of diabetes
  • 29
    The best way to treat an underweight person is to advise him or her to:
    Eat kcalorie-dense foods higher in vegetable fat like nuts and seeds.
  • 30
    The foundation for a diet that optimizes long-term nutritional health emphasizes all of the following except
    refined grain breads and cereals
  • 31
    A mineral other than calcium that is often deficient in adults' diets and is linked to bone health, muscle function, mental health, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes is
  • 32
    All of the following are reasons why the risk of having foodborne illness is increasing except
    the increasing use of food irradiation
  • 33
    All of the following practices may help to reduce lead exposure except
    using hot instead of cold tap water to prepare foods and beverages
  • 34
    Alzheimer's patients are likely to be helped by all of the following except
    limiting sun exposure
  • 35
    The combination of plant foods that most often is used to provide complete protein is
    legumes and grains
  • 36
    Food habits of older adults may be influenced by all of the following except
    production of melatonin
  • 37
    Which of the following is true about thirst among the elderly
    elderly individuals can easily become dehydrated and this can cause confusion
  • 38
    All of the following are true about ground meats except
    with proper hand-washing, it is safe to eat raw hamburger
  • 39
    Which of the following statements doesn't describe the role of minerals in the body
    they provide 4 kcals per gram
  • 40
    Which of the following is not a function of calcium
    appetite regulation
  • 41
    Which of the following is not associated with an increase in basal metabolism
    A low kcalorie intake
  • 42
    Which of the following is an important aspect of behavior modification used for weight control?
    Recording eating behavior to identify situations that contribute to over eating
  • 43
    The main function of glucose is to
    supply energy
  • 44
    Which of the following is true about protein intake during pregnancy?
    The RDA for protein increases by about 25 grams per day over that for the nonpregnant state
  • 45
    All of the following are true of high quality protein except
    it provides 7kcal/gram of energy
  • 46
    This vitamin, when consumed during pregnancy, can help prevent neural tube defects like spina bifida
    folate/folic acid
  • 47
    All of the following are recommended to help preschoolers eat vegetables except
    promise dessert when vegetables are eaten
  • 48
    Acquiring sufficient vitamin B12 from the diet may be a problem to vegans because
    their diets lack foods from animal protein
  • 49
    All of the following statements about many popular diets advertised by the media are true except
    They help people make permanent changes in eating habits
  • 50
    Which of the following is true about trans fatty acids found in hydrogenated fats?
    When consumed, they can raise serum LDL cholesterol