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12th grade

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  • 1
    Freedom of speech, press, assembly, and petition.
    1st amendment
  • 2
    The right to bear arms.
    2nd amendment
  • 3
    Quartering soldiers without owners consent.
    3rd amendment
  • 4
    Right of privacy.
    4th amendment
  • 5
    Right of the accused; prevents double jeopardy (trial of the same crime twice); punishment without trial; self incrimination.
    5th amendment
  • 6
    Right to fair and speedy trial.
    6th amendment
  • 7
    Civil crime of theft over $20
    7th amendment
  • 8
    Prohibits "cruel and unfair punishment"
    8th amendment
  • 9
    Not a complete list of rights.
    9th amendment
  • 10
    Reserved powers for the state.
    10th amendment