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Acid fast staining lab 9

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created 2 years ago by vriddle
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    What is the purpose of heat during the acid fast staining procedure
    Heat drives the carbolfuschin stain into the cells and once penetrated they are not easily decolorized by acid alcohol
  • 2
    What is the function of the counter stain in any differential stain procedure
    Stains different bacteria that react differnt to diff dyes able to distinguish between bacteria
  • 3
    Are acid fast bacteria Gm pos or Gm neg? Explain
    They are Gm positive because of lipid in the cell wall, they are stained by the primary stain
  • 4
    For what diseases would you use an acid fast stain
    Tuberculosis, leprosy and other bacteria that have cell walls with lipids that stop dyes from readily binding to the cells
  • 5
    What makes an organism non acid fast
    The absence of lipids (mycolic acids) iin cell walls
  • 6
    What chemical is responsible for the acid fast property of mycobacterium?
    Mycolic acid, High lipid content
  • 7
    Is a gram stain an adequate substitute for an acid fast stain? Why or why not?
    No b. these articular bacteria do not stain unless heated with carbolfuschin that drives pigment into cell